Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Full House

It was kind of a madhouse here tonight. We invited our good friends over and also had our nieces for the evening. My philosophy is always “the more the merrier” when it comes to our home, and it was very merry.

Here is our quaint little dinner party for 4 adults and 8 children, all 4 and under.


If you don’t see child #8, he’s there in the car seat on the floor next to his mommaSmile

The kids ran, created messes, and were loud enough to make good conversation tough. It was great. The adults sat, snuggled the baby, and enjoyed a pot of coffee. That was great too!

After our company left for the evening, it was time for the kids and their cousins to get in their pjs. Several episodes of Tom and Jerry followed.


How many preschoolers fit on our couch? About 6.


60 toes to be exact.


There were kisses.


And best of all, a lot of love.



Family and friends are the best.


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  1. A home FULL of love for family AND friends! Love it!


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