Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Night of Chemo

Chemo started last night at 9pm. Brady was already asleep due to some medicines they gave him at 8pm to help calm him a bit. At 9 they came and hung the bag of the first chemo drug called Carboplatin. It took an hour to go in and he slept the whole time. They started the second drug called Etoposide at 10pm. With this one they had to take his blood pressure every 10 minutes throughout the hour as it can cause low blood pressure. He did great and stayed asleep. He really slept all night except for a couple of times when he fussed just a little. There is a flu outbreak on our wing,so no visitors are allowed except for parents. We also can't leave the unit, which is so sad because the highlight of Brady's day is taking "rides" in the car we can push him in.

Matt and I are splitting our day here today rather than be here together all day. Eli and Cara are really starting to seem sad and want to be with us. I miss them very much. Brady will have more chemo tonight, Friday night, and then a shot to boost white blood cells Saturday before coming home.

So far he is feeling fine...most side effects take a few days to kick in from what I hear. Also, each drug is different, so he may experience things differently tonight. Right now he is sitting across from me eating peaches saying "Matt? Matt?" that is how he asks for daddy when he is trying to be funny. He is so precious...


  1. Please stay strong, Megan. God is with you in that little room of yours. You have started a journey and He is holding little Brady's hand. Brady is a fighter! Just being a triplet makes him a really good fighter. You are doing an exceptional job being there for him, staying strong and continuing to keep going and have faith. Stay strong, ((hug)), remember all the prayers that are being said for him and you and be at peace as much as you can allow yourself to be. We are all with you.

  2. We're still praying for you guys. Stay strong and just know that God will see you through these times. May I suggest a small photo album of just his siblings to keep him company while he's in the hospital? It may not seem like much but this will remind him that he's got some very special people waiting for him to come home!!!!
    God Bless
    Michelle Lucco

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Yes...we have an Elmo album with pictures of all of Brady's family and friends. We look at it all the time. I really think it comforts him:)

  4. yea..good to hear he is sleeping, eating, having some kind of fun out of the madness!! i always wonder what he does all day. even though these meds kick in a few days from now, is there meds they can give him to help side effects or not?? hugs and kisses, collin wants to play and doesn't fully understand.

  5. I believe your decision was right and I was praying Brady would sleep through it all, Praise God, He is faithful. Rest with the comforters peace. Your in our prayers. Sue

  6. Ahhh what a good strong little boy! I hope that Brady never sees side effects! Glad to hear all is well so far! Now just praying that it shrinks the tumor in leaps and bounds!

  7. Megan, Matt, and Brady,

    You are all so much stronger than I believe I could be! God is so true! We are praising in the little bits of peace that came your way in Brady sleeping through round 1! God is good! Please know that you are all near to our hearts and in our prayers all day! I love that I drive by your house twice a day because I pray each time we pass. Keep on trusting!


  8. Hi, Megan!! I'm so glad to hear the Brady is enjoying some food and Mommy time. Your comment about Brady saying "Matt? Matt?" is too cute as my daughter Ellia does the same thing....she's 20 months old. I'll continue to follow the blog and keep you and your family in our thoughts. I continue to be amazed by your strength and courage. I'm amazed on a daily basis!! Please know that there are many, many people thinking about you constantly. ~Adrienne

  9. Megan,
    I found your blog from an on-line support group for kids with CP.
    I just sat here (at work) and read thru all of your most recent posts. I just felt compelled to write. First of all, you and your husband sound like absolutely INCREDIBLE people/parents. What a ride you've taken in such a short time. Secondly, your family and friends sound like such wonderful human beings for jumping right in and just helping out where needed. You are truly blessed with people like that! :) Lastly, from one mom to another, your writing is beautiful, so heartfelt and emotional. You truly have what it takes to get thru this and along with your family and friends, you will, I just feel it.
    I wish I knew you personally!
    I will keep my own prayers going for that tremendous, beautiful, courageous, gorgeous, tough little boy you've got there!
    Know that it's okay for mom's to cry and ask for hugs! Sometimes even the mommys need that and it's amazing what that can do! :)
    Take care of each other and god bless you!

  10. Megan,
    It is good to hear your sense of humor in today's blog. You seem more at peace as if the weight of the "decision" has been lifted.
    Remember to give your worries to God and let him carry them. He is our wonderful friend and wants to do that for us.
    I think of how instrumental Brady and your family has been to bring so many people closer to God through prayer.
    I want to thank you for sharing your journey with us, because as you are strengthened through our prayers; we become closer and closer to our Savior.
    Prayers and love for everyone,
    Deb R.

  11. Matt, Megan and family,

    I am so glad to hear Brady had a good night. God is still on the throne and may his loving arms continue to bring you all the strength you need for the rest of the journey. Your unwavering faith continues to bring inspiration to those of us who think we are having a rough time. Continued prayer for you and yours. Yvonne

  12. Matt,Megan and family,

    You all our in our thoughts,you are all I talk about.The reason being is that I am Sandys hair dresser. I have pictures from Sandy of those 4 beautiful children.There is not a day that one of my clients ask me how are those cute triplets doing? Then my newest picture had another baby in it.Every morning when I dust my mirror off there they are,and it puts a smile on my fase.When I've told everyone about Brady they all wish you well.Everyone I've told is praying for him.You have such a wonderful support system.I know you don't know me but'I feel like I know you and the babies.I don't even have pictures of my own kids on my mirror.When my son Chuck was 5 he was DX with tuberculosis that settled in his lymph nodes instead of his lungs very very rare.He was biopsied,probed,drain tubes inserted blood test weekly was contagious couldn't play with other kids.Finally surgery to remove the lymph nodes which was a success,thank God,which I do on a daily basis.The T.B. has not returned and Chuck is now 28 and married and planning his own family.I'm telling you all this because I do believe that prayer does work,and it will for Brady,too.You and Matt are so strong, together you will get through this.I admire your strength and your faith.Thank you for this blog I'm sure it has to be hard to find the time.My family and friends are praying for you and Brady.

    with love Martie


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