Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sorry for the Delay

I know it has been a while since my last post. Our new system of splitting time at the hospital has us busier than ever. Matt came home yesterday evening and spent the night and then spent time with the kids in the morning. He arrived at Strong around lunch time so he, Brady, and I could spend an hour or so together. Then I left to come home. This plan gives Eli, Cara, and Allie some time with each of us too. From their perspective half of their family just up and left!! As much as they LOVE our parents, they were starting to act pretty clingy and needed some mommy and daddy snuggles. Unfortunately that means a lot of alone time at the hospital for Matt and I. It's great spending the time 1:1 with Brady, but during those long nights, it is tough to be alone. The quarrintine continues for our unit, so visitors are still not allowed:(

Just to catch everyone up on the day's events: Brady slept wonderfully last night. He truly slept throughout all of chemo. The next morning he woke up quite happy and HUNGRY! He ate a big breakfast and he and I took a ride around the unit is "his car." When we got back to the room all of a sudden he threw up. It was very sudden, and not all that eventful. He just did it and that was it. Ten minutes later he was hungry again. Come to find out, the oncologist's request that the anti nausea med Zofran be given round the clock was somehow translated by some attending to an "as needed" order. How do 21 month olds request anti nausea meds? Well..Brady got the message across in his own sweet throw up and he is now on Zofran around the clock. Matt said he hasn't had another episode yet. He had his second round again tonight, and Matt reports he was already asleep.

We have had some trying times too. Part of caring for the Broviac in his chest involves a daily flush and changing of the dressing a few times a week. Brady IS NOT a fan of either procedure. We also are learning more day by day of what will be involved in his care once he is home (hopefully Saturday night). We will be working with a visiting nurse who will come by several times a week to draw blood, help change dressings, and just keep an eye on him overall. We will learn to do the daily flushes of his port and to give him an injection daily that boosts his white blood cell count. Because chemo suppresses your immune system, it is likely that Brady will have an infection or need a transfusion before his next round of chemo. The nurse today told us to count on a 2 day admission if this happens.

I'm not sure if I have said this enough, but Matt and I are so uplifted by the comments people leave for us. This blog has been such a blessing. Not only is it very theraputic for me to write and reflect on a daily basis, but we need to feel surrounded by the love and support of our friends and family. Even greater than that is the thought that because of Brady's life, we are able to share our faith by telling our day to day story. Through God's amazing plan for him, Brady is touching people in unimaginable ways! So many people comment on our strength...please believe me that I have felt like just laying down and giving up a million times in the last two weeks. I daily say to myself, "How can I watch them operate on him again? How can I bring my sweet boy back to that hospital? How can I sit and watch that poison slowly drip into his body?" I'm constantly bombarded by negative thoughts becuase I'm a scared mom just like anyone else would be. Please believe us when we say, it is God and He alone carrying us through each day! to bed. I have three babes asleep and that is where I need to be. Thank you all again for holding Brady close to your heart in prayer...


  1. Thank You, Megan & Matt for your daily blog. We so long to hear from you. Seriously we pray many times a day, your updates reveal the answers to many of our prayers. As momma your heart is tender yet look how amazing your strength is. It's a God thing! Rest in His presence. Love ya

  2. I was getting a little nervous that something was wrong or you were just having a rough night and that's why there was no post, so once again i began to pray hard. It will be nice for you guys to bring him home and be into the old routine and let him play w/his siblings, and just be able not to have people all around all the time.hugs and kisses sweet brady!

  3. Don't ever worry about a delay. we all wil be here here waiting patiently honored to read your words when they come.....ok sometimes a little worried if there is a delay I won't lie.

    I am amzed at the stregth you all have. Brady is one awesome little man. O am in love with this little guy. The relationship between you and Matt is so beautiful.

    I am praying for your family. I know all will turn out. God will hear us all and will heal Brady.

  4. I am so glad he seems to be handling the meds ok. Hard to stop a little boy from being a boy that's for sure! Hope he gets to come home tomorrow. I'll be praying for a good nurse to come and that no errors are made. We never think we can go thru hard things like this but when we have to, God enables us somehow! I found a cool Scripture and wanted to share it with you. Micah 7:7: But me, I'm not giving up. I'm sticking around to see what God will do. I'm waiting for God to make things right. I'm counting on God to listen to me. (The Message version)
    Praying daily,

  5. ......."please believe me that I have felt like just laying down and giving up a million times in the last two weeks."

    That is what makes you strong! When you want to give up so badly but you don't. Please know that we are all pulling for Brady and your family. My 10 and 5 year olds are even saying their prayers for them.

  6. I have had some experience lately with feeling like I am failing miserably at staying strong and relying on God's promises to get me through. Only to turn around and have people tell me how they are so proud of how strong and together I am. From the outside you are the picture of a caring mother who is desparate to make it better for her son. Trust me when I tell you that it is OK to be a mess on the inside some days. God knows better than anyone what it is like to watch his child suffer. You are doing great. Stay strong and stay focused. We are all standing in the gap for Brady and lifting you up when needed!

  7. Hi to the Williams Family!!!
    We just wanted to let you know that we have been following Brady's progress. We think you are the strongest family that we know. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in your lives. We love reading about Brady's fun personality, it just shows that God is always at your side... We love all of you!


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