Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sickness Continues

Here is the report of the day: Brady was doing okay all night and today. Then at snack time he drank quite a bit and threw up and had diahrrea. We got the blood results from what was drawn this morning. His counts are down dramatically from Monday, which is what is supposed to happen. It is still unsettling given all the "bugs" in our house right now. I too went to the doctor becasue my glands are swollen, it is just viral, but contagious none the less. My stomach is queazy as I write this, not sure if I'm finally getting it, or if I'm just nervous:)

So, at this time we can not accept visitors due to Brady being close to neutropenic. That basically means that his white blood cell count will be so low that he is very susceptible to infections.

We are hunkering down here at the Williams house. Matt is scheduled to work a half day tomorrow. Mom will be here with us. Please pray for Brady during this tenuous time.


  1. Lots of prayers for all of you!

  2. Just look at that map key...all those people love you!

  3. Hi Meg,

    I hope you don't get it. Go to bed early, if you possibly can, and drink lots of water. Keep reminding yourself Brady is basically where they expected him to be--but not worse, even despite the stomach bug--which is really good. I'm glad you'll have your mom's help tomorrow. Take it all one minute at a time. How are the Eli, Cara, and Allison doing? Good luck to Matt back at work tomorrow. I imagine it may be hard for him to focus initially, but hopefully it will turn out to be a good mental break. I'm praying Brady's body stays strong and keeps refusing infection. He's an amazing little guy to be tolerating and responding so well to so much! :)


  4. I know you get overwhelmed w/messes in house and laundry, but stay rested and hydrated and just love on the kids, your family will carry the load for you. so sorry for this difficult time but don't be defeated, it will pass and the prayers will only become stronger for your precious little family. Love to you and sweet little brady. Godspeed

  5. I watch your blog and look at Brady's smiling picture every day. Know that there are many people out here that may not know you personally but care and are praying for your family.

  6. hey this is one of Mellisa's sunday school students, and I hope that he will beat the cancer and live a normal life- bye


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