Friday, February 13, 2009

Now It's Official

This is Matt in the blogosphere. Now everyone in our family has had this crazy virus, I think it's West Nile or SARS. Megan came down with it last night, but is feeling slightly better today. Even baby Alli seemed to have a bout with it last night. She threw up once in the swing, then later all over her daddy - how fun! Allison appears OK today so far.

Brady seems to be doing a bit better today. He slept great last night and is eating a little more. He is certainly having a harder time fighting this infection because of his low white blood cell counts due to chemotherapy. On Monday, his ANC (a measure of neutrophils which are a type of white blood cell) was 14,000, on Thursday it was 1,400 and the nurse practitioner said they are expected to basically go to 0 over the weekend, making him very susceptible to infection.

Please pray for Brady and Megan to recover from illness and Brady not to catch any new ones.


  1. Hi Matt,

    Sorry everyone's had it--and you were puked on! You probably weren't a first-timer there, though. ;) I'm praying for you all several times a day. Thanks for all of the updates. Hang in there--you're doing an amazing job!! :)


  2. Hi Matt & Meg,

    I am so sorry everyone has been so ill. The Avila household has been on lock down. I am afraid to go take them anywhere in the midst of all of this illness everywhere.

    I had to laugh hearing Allie decided to fit in with the rest of the Williams Crew.

    I just wanted you all to know we are thinking of you all and continuing to pray a great deal.

    My trio got their 2nd birthday cards from your crew today. That silly friend of mine Meg....still making time for others. You guys truly have a heart of gold.

    Try to get some rest this weekend!! Kisses and hugs from my crew to yours!
    Love, Jill

  3. I pray this is the end of the flu for you all. I pray Brady regains his strength fast.

  4. Stay strong you guys..I'm praying everyday..more than once a day
    God bless
    Laura Mcgorray

  5. hugs! Hope this nasty bug goes away soon.

  6. I caught up with Matt's mom today and heard about Brady. Your family is so strong and loving. I pray that this difficult time is over soon and Brady back playing with his brother and sisters.

  7. My heart is lifted everytime I hear you say Brady is doing better, we pray so hard and so often for him. Mamma needs it now cause when mama aint happy, aint no one happy!!lol We'll pray for you all, thinking of skipping our church dinner sund. so many are sick and i don't want to share! Love to you all..

  8. Hoping this finds you all starting to feel better. It's such a tough time right now to begin with in the winter to keep your kiddos healthy let alone when you're up against the fight of your lives - We are praying that God carries you through and keeps you strong.


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