Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Daily News Article

The Batavia Daily News came to the event yesterday and did a very nice job telling Brady's story. Here is the link to the article:

Update: I have the printed copy of the paper and the story that was written was excellent. The journalist did a fantastic job telling Brady's story and giving resources for people who want to know more. I have already heard from a local mom whose son is a NB survivor! My prayer is that our story can help someone else in a similar situation!


  1. Hey Guys,
    I just read that article, I am so happy to see that there are so many wonderful people out there supporting your family! I think about you guys many times a day and pray for strength for you all to fight your way thru this battle.

    Much Love

  2. Really great article, Meg! I like when the papers can devote some space to positive things happening in the community--particularly at this point in history, when bad news is the "norm." Quite the heart-warmer, that article was. :) I'm so impressed by all of the kids that came out to support Brady, and particularly by that little guy who forfeited his birthday gifts! What a big heart for a small boy!

    I'm so glad you were able to raise some money!! I'm sure things have not been easy. It feels like there's a lot to feel good about happy for in Brady and your family's situation this week especially, though, doesnt't it? It's encouraging. Things will keep getting better. :o) I'll keep the prayers coming.


    PS You look great!


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