Friday, February 27, 2009

What's New Today

Not too much to report from the Williams household today. Brady continues to hold his own. I think he is queasy at times, but isn't throwing up. He had a little diarrhea, but overall seems pretty happy. His appetite is fairly normal overall. The last cycle his counts didn't drop until around Day 9, so we can expect that the middle of next week he will probably be most sick.

I'm planning on stopping by the bowl a thon in Oakfield tomorrow. We continue to be in awe each day of God's provision for our family. He has placed so many wonderful people in our path along this journey. People may think they are just donating money, or dropping by with food, but truly every act of kindness that has been shown to us has been a tremendous source of encouragement on days when we really need it. We truly feel blessed..


  1. Glad to hear Brady's doing well tonight. Hoping that conintues and you can enjoy some bowling tomorrow!! :)

  2. Hugs and prayers to the family...especially Brady. I don't comment often but always stop by to 'check' on Brady. I've also checked out the site with the pictures and they are absolutely beautiful.

  3. What a brave boy you are Brady! Jesus has already done so much for you and you sleep and play and enjoy all that you know in life yet are so unaware of what you really have been facing or how much God has been sparing you from. Some day you'll be able to read this and understand its full impact, you continue to be a walking miracle, and we truly love you buddy.

  4. I have been thinking and praying for you...I have Brady's picture in my office and at my house. Your strength is truly amazing as you face this challenge in your life. Feel the love and support of those around you and let them carry some of the weight for you. Please let me know if i can answer any questions or help you in any way... it sounds like you are not missing a beat, but always good to throw an idea off someone. As I told you before, you know Brady better than anyone ... go with your gut and have faith in God...actually, your spirituality inspires me. God Bless You. Call if you need anything. Also, if there is something the Foundation can do espeically with your travel costs, we would be glad to help... that's one of our mission's and we are passionate about what we do... we would LOVE to help.

    Laurie Napoleone


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