Monday, February 9, 2009

A Long Night

Okay faithful readers...our saga continues! Cara was up all night throwing up! Poor honey...she just had the stomach bug before Christmas and now she had it again. By morning she seemed to be over it. She ate a little breakfast and played well all morning. After sanitizing everything in sight, I'm praying that the rest of us will be spared, especially Brady. A sickness like that would be a big deal for him right now given that his immune system is compromised.

I connected with a wonderful mom today who is local and has a son who survived brain cancer. His story is one of miracles...I'm still trying to process all that she told me. Our situation with Brady is terrible, every day I have to tell myself to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and get through THIS day. However, there is always someone suffering more than me. There is always someone carrying a heavier burden than I am, even given this frightening circumstance. This mom and her amazing son taught me that today.

So instead of asking you to pray for Brady today, I want to ask that you join me in thanking God for the blessings and miracles he is working in Brady's life today:
1. Thank you God for Brady's amazing team of doctors.
2. Thank you God that Brady's cancer is treatable.
3. Thank you God that Brady is laughing and playing today.
4. Thank you God for our amazing support system!!
5. Thank you God for giving us hope for tomorrow!

Now, don't think I won't be back tomorrow asking for prayer, you know I will! But today, I'm going to focus on thankfulness:)


  1. I will say a prayer of thankd for all of those things.

    Brady is on my daily prayer llist and I will also pray this stomach flu does not go through your house and especially that Brady does not get it.

    I think your strength is incredible, Brady's strength is incredible, your family's strength is incredible.

    God has brought this lady into your life for a reason use her knowledge and wisdom to help you and your family during this time.

  2. Hi Meg,

    Your positive attitude is inspiring. I am thankful to have you for a friend. It must be so heartwarming to see Brady playing and laughing! I'm sure Cara will be feeling better soon. Please be sure you are taking care of yourself, too, during this challenging time. I know that's probably easy to say and hard to do with four very little ones and health challenges to face, but you are very needed AND loved. :o)

  3. No problem! Our God really is an awsome God. And yes I will continue to be a prayer warrior for Brady, and for all of you as well. God is going to do a mighty work, I just know it. Take care. Yvonne

  4. Megan,
    God sends people into our lives to show us the way. It is amazing that at the right moment someone shares something that touches our hearts. You are right to continue to thank God for all you have been given. He gives us all so much.
    I am thankful for the times we had at Alexander and the times that Matt helped me at Step by Step. Now I can offer up my thanks to God in turn to send you his special graces.
    Keep looking at the cup that is half full and
    take sometime for yourself.
    Love, Deb R.

  5. oh meg, seems like it never ends, plumbing,now throwing up! BUT you are right to count your blessings, we join you and thank god that Brady is doing all those things and pray against infection and needing blood transfusions too. We pray health to your whole family, hold onto your sanity, this will come to pass.

  6. I found your blog today and just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your family. It sounds like Brady is an amazing boy and you have an amazing family. Keep the faith!

  7. Matt and Megan,
    Chelsea sent me your blog...we are all thinking of and praying for Brady, along with the rest of you. You guys are amazing parents and Brady is lucky to have you two. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Stay strong Brady!!

  8. 6. Thank you God, for perspective.
    A higher viewpoint is powerful, is it not? Thanks for sharing your thanks.
    Love you guys,

  9. Megan...way to go at looking at "the other side" of the picture. As we spoke, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Keep paying attention to those little things each and every day. It WILL get you through the harder times. I pray that Cara finds comfort soon and that everyone else is spared the sick germs (esp. Brady). You will soon find out (if you haven't already, that Clorox/Lysol wipes and Purell will be your BEST friends---if you haven't should purchase stock in them :))

    The brovie shirts are done and I'd be happy to drop them off or send to your home with another guest/relative if you'd prefer. Let me know. Alli & Griffin say to send their prayers too!

    I'm inserting a comment in the message book after mine from our friend whose son is a NB survivor (Dominic). Her name is Gabriella number is in it. Please lean on her if you need support or have specific NB questions...she has been "there".

    You will see her note regarding the GCSF shots. At WCHOB we were sent home with a catheter/stint type of thing that was inserted by a nurse and good for a week or so. The home nurse took it out when necessary and put in a new one based on the hospital instructions.

    For the life of me, I can't recall exactly what they called it...but it was like putting a tiny IV into their arm or leg that was taped on. Our kids injections were put right into that at home (no pain...easy as pie!). Maybe you could check into that to help relieve the burden/anxiety about giving the shots to Brady.
    Keep the faith. Ellen & Matt Della Penna

  10. Message from Gabrielle Tringali...

    Hi Ellen-
    Have tried to find an email for Brady's family to offer any support I can
    but I can't seem to find one. Please pass along my email and phone number
    if they would like to contact me. 716-639-4929
    I read their blog and see that he was diagnosed with Stage 3. His prognosis
    is good and he will follow a differnt protocol than Dominic did.
    One thing you can pass along to them is how buffalo uses the catheter in the
    arm for the neupogen (GMCSF) shots rather than giving daily shots in the
    leg. We used to bring them with us to Philly because they never heard of
    them there either.
    All my best to you and your family.


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