Saturday, February 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home...Somebody call a Plumber??!?!?

Well in true Williams fashion, my perfect little picture of dinner with the whole family didn't happen. We were FINALLY discharged at 3pm, and were so anxious to get home. We left with pages of instructions and 6 bags of stuff that had accumulated in Brady's room all week. He took a short nap on the way home and once we arrived he jumped right back into the swing of things. Our parents were here to help, thank goodness. I immediately got overwhelmed by all the "stuff" and headed down to throw in some laundry. To my dismay I found two drains in our basement overflowing with what I will call "not clean water." Nothing like timing huh? So...after an hour or so of Matt and his dad giving it a shot, we all decided we needed professional help (in more ways than one!!) Thank God we were able to get a plumber here at 8pm on a Saturday night (thank you Bill and Lori!!) A few rounds with a power snake and we are back in action. Maybe sewage backed up into the basement is a metaphor for life right now? Well, whatever it was, I'm glad it's over and that tomorrow four slightly sticky kids will get a bath.

Our home nurse will be coming tomorrow at 11am to show me how to change the Broviac dressing, flush the lines (no pun intended), and how to give Brady the GCSF shot. I'm horrified to even think about having to give him a shot. He detests all of these procedures and I just hate to think that part of our day, everday, will be spent doing these things. I don't want him to associate me with this awful stuff. Just another bump in the road...

All 4 Williams kids are soundly asleep. Brady took a while to settle down. I went in a few times and snuggled with him just to let him know I was there. I think he got quite used to falling asleep in our arms at the hospital. A few weeks ago, I wouldn't dare think of rocking one of the kids to sleep. Wow, how priorities have shifted.

I wanted to share a scripture that I read today. I'm meditating on it tonight as we get to enjoy some time together in the next few weeks:
"Come unto me,all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 KJV


  1. that stinks(no pun intended)lol but you're home, and all together praise God. Enjoy your babies + matt don't forget him. ha ha good night

  2. Words can not describe what you must be feeling on a daily basis but you do a wonderful job of keeping everyone who is hoping and praying for you and your family up to date. God bless you and your family. ((HUGS))
    Brenda Bennion

  3. Glad to hear you are home and things went fairly well. I am sorry to hear about the sewer backup... never a dull moment. I'm sure the kids are just as beautiful as ever, "sticky and all"... Though it is overwhelming with all the homecare stuff, make notes and ask lots of questions... if you ever get stuck, don't hesitate to give me a call. I can help if you need. I know your mother-in-law is there, but I want you to feel free to call for any reason. God Bless. Take care. leaving for church soon and will say extra prayers for all of you.


  4. Hi Meg and Matt,

    Sewer fun! Life never stops. I love you guys. I'm sorry I have been quiet. I am praying for you all and thinking of you often. I'm so sorry you have this awful challenge to face, but something truly amazing will come out of it. I am so impressed by your faith, strength, great attitudes, and ability to work together to be there for your beautiful Brady, Eli, Cara, Alli, and each other. We'll keep praying for you. Thanks for letting everyone know the chemo went well. Glad you're home and all together!!

  5. Matt and Megan,

    Thank you God for giving you guys a sense of humor. I am happy that you are home together again. Continue each day moment by moment. We sure do miss you guys, but think and pray for you often.

    Robin and family

  6. HI BRADY, It's me Melinda. We all miss your cute little bum around here. Keep working on saying Melinda so next time I see you, you can impress me :o). Love ya Lil' man!
    Melinda- 43600 Patient Care Tech

  7. So glad that you are all together, and God is checking your humor levels with the sewer backup. You passed with flying colors. While getting ready for church this am I heard Joel Osteen say that we should never lose our humor, for with laughter comes healing. I will continue to pray for you all, but will add that God will send you something to laugh about every day. Yvonne

  8. So glad that you are home and round 1 is over and went well. Fernandina Beach is keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Continue to stay strong, you are such an inspiration.


  9. Praise God your baby can be home for a bit. I'm sure it feels great for him to be able to play with his siblings. Don't worry about giving the shots. They'll soon be like nothing at all. My second son Isaac was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when he was 5. He receives several shots everyday. He hated the shots in the very beginning, but soon they were so simple. Kids are so much braver than adults sometimes! Know that our prayers continue to be with you and your family.
    God Bless,
    Pam Brott

  10. Hi Megan & Matt,
    Darla Allen (your neighbor) works with both chemo drugs here in Batavia. She would be glad to help out with any questions you may have about the drugs. Also her teenage daughter & her would be willing babysitters when needed as would Larry & I.
    My email prayer chain for you grows daily; so reach out & let the love & prayers embrace you and help carry the burden & weariness.
    Our love & prayers
    Jeneen Hicks


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