Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giggles and Graham Crackers

It's 8am..Brady slept on and off all night until about 7:30. He talked during his sleep all night about "socks on!" No that he is awake he is sitting here with me just being hilarious. I LOVE this boy! Everytime he notices the tubes attached to his Broviac that are giving him fluids he says " no!" He is playing with all of the medical equipment left in the room from during the night. Right now he has a paper tape measure in his mouth and a graham cracker in his hand. I tell you, this child's silly side amazes me! No signs of nausea this morning. He was moaning throughout the night quite a bit, but I decided to stick by the choice not to give the Decadron. If we had, he wouldn't be this happy boy this morning.

The rounding doctor told me that CT and MRI will be scheduled for two weeks from now (both done under sedation). A follow up meeting about results will be 1-2 days after that. Neurosurgery is stopping by this morning to look at his back. Someone from physcial therapy is coming by as well to look at him. So, a busy morning here, wanted to share some sunshine with you all this morning!


  1. Hey Meg & Brady,
    I am glad to hear this little trouper is doing well...he amazes me with all the little stories you tell. I am so happy to hear that you two are having a good time this am.
    By the way, your strength (Matt's too) also amazes me.
    Lots of Love

  2. I'm glad you both made it through the night, and he's so happy this morning. That's wonderful. Hoping for no nausea and a great day!! :)


  3. Went to bed w/ a heavy heart b/c of his hair loss, but thank you for giving us these little memos and glimpses of hope!! keep us posted, we will continue to pray. hugs and kisses sweet brady!

  4. Glad that things are going well for you this morning and that you are seeing the job of the small things.

    Brady's playfulness definitely shows what a trooper he is and how strong his spirit is.

    Have a great day!

  5. I am so glad that his mood is great. It makes it so much easier to try and have a positive attitude during such a yucky time. I am praying the next few days go the SAME WAY and the next few weeks would fly by quickly so you can have some answers.

    I just got back from a Bible Study I am taking by Beth Moore and in her video today she talked about how such horrible things can happen to us and we want to raise our hands to God and say, "WHY ME...what did I do", but we should know that God does have plan for us! He will use our situations as a way to DEPEND COMPLETELY upon Him. I know from reading your blog that you already know this, but I just thought of you and the difficult times you have been facing.


  6. Hey Meg,

    How's it going over there? Do you or Brady need anything? Strong is basically on Tim's way home. If there is something you would like dropped off to you, please let me know. I will have him bring it. He gets out at 5:30. If you need something later, just give us a call.


  7. Megan and Matt,

    I am crying right now after reading about Brady's hair falling out. It stinks when emotions get the best of us.

    Your blog is a testament to God. He gave you Brady for a reason and the world is able to read about it. Your faith, strength, happy times, trails and real emotions keep us in touch with you and praying ALL THE TIME for Brady and everyone. We are behind you! Rely on God and your parental instincts with these important decisions, you know your child!

    Prayers and Love Nicole

  8. Meg,
    Glad to hear Brady is keeping smiles on your face as well as his. The words you speak are so honest and at times gut renching. I don't think we (those following the blog) would want you to do anything different. I pray that expressing those feelings whether here or with those who are close to you, help. May God continually be able to show you rays of sunshine, hope, comfort, and love as you continue down this path. We continue to keep you all in our prayers. God put us all together and there is a purpose though you may not be able to see it at the moment.
    "But in fact God has arranged the parts in teh body, every one of them, just as he watned them to be." 1 Cornth 12:18

  9. Hi,

    I am so glad Brady is doing so well. Continue to be honest and forthcoming, as what you are experiencing may help someone else someday. You are both a continual inspiration and I am learning from you on how to be more trusting of what God has in store and how we need to rely wholely on him for everything. Thank you Matt and Megan. Brady, keep smiling you are a real trouper. Yvonne

  10. I bet his silly side gets him through much more then you know! The gift of giggle can has amazing healong power.


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