Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank you friends

You'll notice more blogging during hospital times. Let's just say, there's a lot of down time...too dark to read, so I have my prayers and my computer:)

Thank you all for your comments after my last post. I struggle sometime over whether or not to let it all out and be honest about how I'm feeling. I'm glad to know I can do so and be uplifted. There are so many dark emotions that come along with this journey...ones I never knew I would feel in my life. But like I keep saying over and over, through it all we continue to be blessed too! Sometimes I pray for that..."God I know today there will be trials for Brady and our family, I pray that the small blessings You send will outshine our trials on this day." Simple, maybe too simple, but sometimes that is what my heart longs for.

Matt just left:( Brady woke up upset about an hour and a half ago. We had to take the dumb bag off of him that was "collecting" his pee. Who would want to wake up to that? It took him about an hour to settle down again. He is sleeping now. One drug down, two more to go. I might stay on the computer for quite a while as the thought of climbing into my pull-out chair-bed is enough to make me want to blog all night!
ps Did I mention we have a private room? It was the only space that opened up...thank you God!


  1. Glad you got the private room. Sad that they are that full. I pray these meds. go well and you are on your way back home soon. I have some tips to make the stay a little easier I will e-mail them.

  2. I couldn't find an e-mail for you. Here are my tips.
    If you are there a while, have someone bring you a bed pad you can roll up during the day. Cut it to size for the chair/bed. It will make all the difference in the world. I would put 2 layers of pad on top of one another and cover with a sheet.During the day use your bathrobe tie to tie bed roll closed. Have people that want to do something provide meal cards for the cafeteria . Meal card comes with a Luanne type plate and it costs less. They will sometimes deliver it to the room with your child's meal. Ask for child life they can bring you some special toys and play special games with him. It never hurts to smuggle favorite toys in from home and your own videos from home. I loved that family donated 40 dollars in change for snack machines, extras from the cafeteria. and laundry room use in needed I have many just let me know at thompson@sptent.com

  3. praise god for the private room! sorry about the hair loss, was hoping we wouldn't have to deal w/that, but that's okay, Our God still reigns, and His love for brady, and His care for brady WILL NOT CEASE, WILL NOT CHANGE!! remember that. i sent ya an e-mail. ttyl

  4. Hey Meg,

    You are so loved.

    I'm sorry Matt's gone and the little guy woke up for a while, but I'm so thrilled to learn you have your own room!!! Little blessings, right? I'll be up for a little while more if you feel like chatting, have phone access, and you want to call my cell. Sorry about the chair bed, but you never know--maybe it will be surprisingly comfortable. :)



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