Saturday, February 21, 2009

Say Cheese!

Tomorrow is going to be a monumental day in the Williams family. We are having our first ever professional pictures taken of our family. Can you believe we have never ever had a professional picture taken of our children? A local photographer is coming to the house to try and capture a picture of all 6 of us and some shots of the kids. This was something that has been on my mind since Brady's diagnosis and it is amazing how God just answered this silent prayer in my heart:)

Of course trying to coordinate what all 6 of us will wear, and only making plans to do this last night, made things a bit challenging. I think we are all going to wear white shirts and jeans. I had to make a run to Batavia today and try to fill in the gaps in my plan for our white outfits. Luckily WalMart and Target came through for me as always! The baby is going to wear pink, so I have pink sweaters for Cara and I as an option too. Planning matching outfits in 24 hours was certainly a challenge, even for me! I'm just so excited to have some pictures to capture this time in our children's lives.

We are starting to make plans for Round 2 of chemo that will begin on Tuesday. The nurse is coming to the house Monday to do bloodwork and change Brady's dressing. That way we avoid having to do it in the hospital. The hospital will call us Tuesday morning to tell us when we need to arrive. I'm just hoping there will be a private room available for us. Last time was so challenging and at least we had privacy. I can't wrap my head around dealing with chemo and tyring to get Brady to sleep all while sharing a room with another child.

Hopefully I will be able to share so amazing pictures with you in the coming weeks!


  1. Sounds like your going to have a grand time tomorrow Williams Family. Cannot wait to view the final results. Maybe thow in a couple black and white poses, they are really nice. Prayers will continue, take care and have fun with it. Yvonne

  2. Yay! Enjoy the photo session! I'll be excited to see the results!! :)


  3. Hey its Emma Riggi again have fun with pictures!!!

  4. Better say silly things your kids will laugh at instead of the boring traditional,"cheese!" Speaking from experience, whatever makes them giggle and fast! lol when this is all behind you you'll have to do another pic, and save all these blogs to show brady how faithful his god is yesterday, today, and forever!! hugs to you all!

  5. How beautiful the children are!!! God has blessed us all. I am spending time with Emma & Lindsey tonight and I am so thankful. Emma has been faithfully following along with Brady and all of you and keeping me up on the news! Aubrey and I pray together and she brings tears of joy when she covers her entire face with her little hands and prays, "dear God...please let Brady feel better and let Natalie's cheeks feel better too, Amen!!!" Tonight let us all say, AMEN!!!
    Love, Grandma Vinci

  6. I just saw a link that was posted on the MOST website and I thought of you.

    Make sure you click the link about the founder. Her story is amazing.

  7. The pictures of three little heads in the window is wonderful. I look at it and smile every day.
    We will definitely ask the Lord for his kind hand this coming week.
    Thanks so much for taking time to blog every day. It means a lot to all of us out here.

  8. Megan and Matt,
    Have fun with your PHOTO SHOOT! Sometimes the best photos are the ones you didn't plan.
    Have fun and my thoughts and prayers will be with you on Tues.
    Love and Peace,
    Deb R.


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