Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, we made it through another day. The big news today is that Matt caught the stomach bug bringing the total number of Williams' affected to 4. Thank God for my mom who spent all day here with me. I think she must have done 10+ loads of laundry. Eli seems to be back to normal, as does Cara. Brady threw up once this morning and hasn't wanted to eat or drink much all day. He looks terrible and just isn't himself. I'm anxious for his bloodwork tomorrow as I'm pretty sure his counts are starting to drop. Matt and I had to do a dressing change for his Broviac today for the first time on our own. It is a tedious process that takes 2 of us, one to hold him down and the other to take off the old dressing, clean the area, and apply the new one. Add that to Brady's daily flush of his Broviac and his daily GCSF shot and he has quite the busy and stressful day!
I'm praying that I am spared this awful flu because there is just so much to do every day. Please be praying for Brady as we head towards what could be a bad week for him. Pray for endurance for Matt and I, and the family members helping us.


  1. Hey Meg,

    I'm sorry to hear that Matt is sick, but it's good to hear that Cara and Eli are doing better and that you had your mom's help today. Great job getting through the first dressing change on your own!! One more challenge down! It will get easier for all of you as you get more used to it. Just keep taking everything one small step at a time. Let us know how the blood work goes tomorrow. I will keep praying for Brady, you, Matt, and the kids, as well as for the family and friends helping you during this very tough time. My mom and sisters, several friends and colleagues, and even your little buddy Jack are also praying for all of you. You certainly have two or more gathered here! :o) Carol Mangino says she's a phone call away if you need help, especially if it involves matching socks!! :) Don't lose heart--you can do this! You ARE doing this. Love you.


  2. We love you all, Megan. Better days will come, I'm sure. You are surrounded by prayer, you know that.

  3. Your in our thoughts and prayers everyday. I hope you, Allie and your Mom avoid this horrible flu!
    Stacey, Frank and Carter

  4. Megan, I read your post on the TC about getting an MRI and answered some questions about my son, who has a brain tumor and many MRIs. I had no idea the outcome after your post. I have triplets and also had a singleton. My singleton is the one with the brain tumor.

    I've read every entry you've made now and it brought back so many vivid memories of the diagnosis and how if I hadn't fought to get the MRI, my son would surely no longer be here. Truly God has had his hand in this for both of us.

    My prayers are with you and Brady and I'll be checking daily on your progress. God bless you and your family and may God touch Brady the way he's touched my Austin. Austin is okay. His tumor, while inoperable, is not growing. He's living a totally normal life. I see this for your Brady too. We've come out the other side and we are all okay.

    My prayers are for a speedy healing of your beautiful boy.

  5. Flu and Neuroblastoma--all at one time. Yikes! Not so much fun! Thankfully, the flu passes and makes focusing on the Neuroblastoma fight a little easier.

    I remember those dressing changes and the Neupegon shots. Not fun for parents OR child.

    You're doing great!


  6. Poor Matt! I hope he feels better soon and that you don't get that nasty bug! Good luck with Brady's bloodwork. I'm praying for all of you.

  7. Matt, you Basom Boy, you got what it takes. Strength, endurance, humor, gentleness, compassion, loving husband & dad. Get well quickly!
    Megan, you have more strength than you know. Sometimes it seems that it not only rains but it pours. Daily problems never take a vacation tomorrow is a new day. You will make it through this. God Bless


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