Monday, February 2, 2009

Ray of Hope

I'm starting off with the good news:) 99% of our test results are in. Both the MIBG and the bone scan show no evidence of cancer anywhere else in the body. Brady's tumor is one big mass from his chest down along his spine. It is officially Stage 3, intermediate risk. Given all of this info, our oncologist feels that there is a possibility that only 2 rounds of chemo may be necessary. This is just a small glimmer of hope, but a little bit of hope is all this mommy needs!!!! They will be able to monitor how the cancer is responding to treatment throughout the process using blood and urine analysis. Once the two rounds are completed he will have another series of scans. Many options exist after that...the cancer could have turned into mature cells (not dangerous), only some could be gone and at that point surgery may be an option, or more chemotherapy. There are a ton of variables, but considering we thought that 5 rounds was the definite plan, we consider this GREAT news. Keep praying...can you feel it working?

The day started off on a bad note. When we got to radiology for our scheduled 9:15 bone scan, the tech (who is as nice as can be) told us she had no record that sedation was supposed to take place. We were flaming mad because we were told not to feed him after midnight because he was going to be sedated. He had already endured 3 days of these scans, being held down and screaming. So, after several heated discussions and phone calls, he got the contrast injection at about 10:30. They told us he wouldn't be sedated. We agreed to that after I bargained with them not to use an IV. We then went to the cafeteria and let him eat like crazy with Pastor and Joyce until 12:15 at which time we had to be back for the scan. The scan was hard for him, but he made it through. When we took off his pjs to do the scan, he had blood all soaked through his onesie down his spine. It seems as though a few of his stitches popped. They aren't concerned right now and are going to keep an eye on it.

We are now settled in our closet, I mean room! Come to find out we will only have a private room this first time. After this we will share a room with another family...ughh The plan for tomorrow is surgery mid-morning to place the Broviac in his chest, and chemo to start tomorrow night. All the what ifs surrounding the terrible side effects is weighing heavily on us right now.

So, we can rejoice in the good news! We ask you to keep the prayers coming!!!


  1. Still praying and rejoicing with you in the good news. Halleluja!

  2. Rejoicing in the good news. praying for the rest.

    sending hugs...we can all use them

  3. Praise God Brady, we've been praying so hard!! we are so tickled that Jesus is working so quickly as we cry out to Him on your behalf..Now we pray for no side effects and a quick process. God has a plan for you to prosper you and not to harm a plan to give you hope and a future.Jer.29:11 love to you

  4. I have been praying so hard for all of you. I am glad you got some good news today! It just breaks my heart to see this sweet beautiful little boy have to endure so much. I will be thinking of you all in the coming days while he gets through this first round!

  5. Knowing God is Holding you all!! Praise Him!!

  6. Hi Megan and Matt,
    This is Chris Laycock (now Chris Perrotta) from Oakfield High School! I wanted to let you know that I heard about your story and I'm thinking about you and sending happy thoughts! I also wanted to tell you that I work at Strong Hospital, so I'd be happy to lend a hand (or an ear) during your time here. I can be reached M-F, 8am-4:30pm. My office number is 275-9782, and you can dial from any hospital phone. I'd be happy to help! Best of luck.

  7. i called the 700club last night and they not only prayed for him right then and there, his name went to their chapel and was placed at the alter where people kneel and place their hands on it and pray everyday!! more prayer coverage sweet Brady.


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