Thursday, February 19, 2009

My 4 Rays of Sunshine

No big news on the Brady front today. He had blood drawn, but I didn't get a call about the results. I will call in the morning just to make sure things are okay. His appetite is back to normal (cookies and all!) He is very clingy and whiny this week and I'm not sure what is up. I'm trying to find a balance between spoiling him rotten because of how sorry I feel and making sure he doesn't turn into a total brat because of all the extra attention:)

We are dealing with all sorts of new behavior at our house. The terrible 2's are fast approaching, bringing with them tantrums, hitting, crying, and overall disobedience. With all of the negatives though, come so many positives. They are saying new things constantly. They understand everything, I mean everything. Yesterday as I finished flushing Brady's Broviac, Cara yelled from other room, "Tubies all done, Hooray!" We are trying to affectionately call the Broviac, Brady's tubies. Maybe it is the fear of losing Brady, but these days I'm just loving my four sweeties more and more every day. One of my favorite things is to see Eli, Cara, and Brady watching out the window when I'm leaving to go somewhere in the van. Seeing their sweet little faces pushed up against the glass is so precious. Once in a while I get a wave or a kiss blown my way. I LOVE this part of being a mommy so much. I love seeing them from a distance, somehow I can just soak in all of their "wonderfulness" by looking at them through that window! Allie continues to be the sweetest baby I've ever seen. Her nickname in our house is Dreambaby! I wanted to give you all a smile tonight and share some pictures of my wonderful crew. From top to bottom are Eli, Cara, Brady (a little chubbier than usual---that is a pic from the hospital when he was on steroids), and Allison. Edited: I just found two great pictures that show my crew looking out the window, both from inside and outside.


  1. Great pictures and beautiful sentiments! Thanks for sharing, Meg. Your kiddos are just adorable. You're such a loving mommy. They are as blessed to have you as you are to have them. :)

  2. Oh my gosh Meg...Allison is getting so big not to mention the trio's growth. Just amazing. Today, Nico sat in timeout about 4 or 5 times within an hour. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh as he was growling like a bear to try and get a smirk out of me.
    Looks like it has been a happy week in the Williams household despite the tantrums. Keep up the good work Meg and Matt and we (everyone)will keep the prayers flowing. Love you guys:)

  3. Don't worry about Brady turning into an insufferable brat because of this experience. We have never gone through the place your family is now, but even when they have extended colds and fevers and the general mung they need to be held and comforted and cooed over. But you and your husband are God's arms for him right now, and when you're having a miserable time and whiny and needing to be held, That Guy doesn't put you down for a minute.

    What Brady will take away from this is how you were there for him when he needed you. That feeling of love and safety and security will stick with him forever.

  4. Meg,
    Thank you for sharing your 'cherub's' pics. They are very precious. Cherish this time because even though you want this time to fly by, you will look back and say 'WOW! they have grown up too fast!
    As a mom of six grown children, I think back to the times when they were little and I was so busy but I cherish every memory good and bad.
    Yes, 'shower them with hugs and kisses' because time pass too fast! They all need to feel secure and safe because of the events of the time.
    Love and Praise,
    Deb R.

  5. Thank you for sharing the pictures, they have all grown so much. We will continue to pray daily for Gods blessings for you all. It looks like Brady is getting his daily dose of healing laughter, keep laughing little man, God has great things in store for you! Yvonne

  6. Wonderful pics. There is nothing better then seeing little faces smushed against the window concerned about where Mommy is going?

  7. sweet and innocent are those little faces! hmmm i wonder who or what they'll become? maybe brady will be a scientist making break throughs for cancer or a dr, or a pastor. Maybe the others will be teachers, or artists, or a future president? god has a plan for them all can't wait to see. i bet piccasso colored all over his moms walls when he was little and see what he became??lol


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