Wednesday, May 18, 2011

T Ball or Comedy Show

Being that my kids are the youngest on their T Ball team, I guess we shouldn't have expected all-star-like play from them. They are really trying hard and certainly we have seen some improvement since week one. In all honesty though, it is about 10% baseball and 90% comedy.

Take for example tonight's game.

1.We waded through the muddy baseball park to the field in the way-way back. We dropped the kids off in the dug out and went to sit on the bleachers. It was about 5 minutes later when I realized I still had Cara's glove. She had no idea whatsoever that she was missing anything.

2. Eli stepped up to the plate tonight and spent the first few minutes admiring the bat, the T, and anything else in sight. He finally got ready to swing and hit the ball a solid 8 feet or so! He took off for first base and about 10 steps in, the weight of that big batting helmet won the gravitational battle between it and all 32 pounds of his body. He tripped and fell helmet first on the ground. It was so funny, it really was. He got right up, straightened out the helmet, and made it to first base.

3. Sweet Cara. She is a piece of work. She gets up to bat and when she swings you would swear the bat weighed 100 pounds. It usually takes about 5 or 6 tries before the batting coach will just swing with her to hit it. The greatest part of the whole thing is when Cara does funny things like tell the coach that he needs to fix her hair first, or like tonight when she stopped and used the end of the bat to draw a line in the dirt on which to stand. No matter what she does at the plate, she always trots to first and then turns to us with the most pleased look on her face. She waves, she smiles, and she thinks she is fabulous. And she is.

4. Brady boy is a quiet boy on the field. He seems to pay the most attention to what is going on, but like Eli and Cara, isn't quite ready to field the ball. When it is his turn to bat, he usually gives it a pretty good hit after a few tries. The very best part about watching him, is to see his big smile as he runs to first base. Well, it's great to see his smile and to laugh as his pants start to fall down as he runs!

5. Our kids our usually the last ones in off the field. The coaches prod them along and tell them to "hustle." Tonight we all cracked up as we saw Eli pulling a reluctant Cara off the field by her ponytail!

So even though it is much more of a comedy show than anything else for our family, I'm happy they are playing baseball. They are learning the game, getting some fresh air, and making us laugh twice a week. Life is good.

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  1. And that is the way sport should be. Hit, giggle, learning and fun. And as for Eli dragging Cara by the ponytail....well, I loved that bit!! Written by the Australian who has locked herself out of her Google account...oops!


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