Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back on the Horse

It seems as though every time I sit down to blog these days, I have less to say and more days have passed since I last said something!

Does this mean I have less going on, certainly it doesn't feel like that.
Does it mean I just have become a great big juggling act in recent months? I think that is more like it.

I also find myself much more pensive than I can ever recall being in my life. Certain seasons of life lend themselves to this more than others, I'm learning. Thinking about we've been, where we are, and where we going is often on my mind. Then I have this revelation that perhaps I should spend more time thinking about where I've been, where I am, and where I am going. But then there are meals to be made, laundry to fold, and books to be read. So with so little time for thinking, it is no wonder that time for writing is hard to come by!

We are nearing the two year anniversary of Brady's diagnosis and the beginning of this blogging adventure of mine. There are days when I can only vaguely recall the details of our "cancer-life" and there are days when I still weep for what we lost that day. Thankfully Matt always reminds me of how amazing Brady's recovery has been and what a miracle his progress has been in light of the seriousness of the injury to his spinal cord. I too spend many days relishing in the mighty work God has done through Brady. There are days when every jump across the floor that he makes, every sight of him playing musical chairs at preschool, and every sweet kiss he gives me makes me tingle all over with pure thankfulness.

So, please know that I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to continue writing, sharing, and telling our story. After all, there is a great Disney adventure on the horizon that I can't wait to tell you about:)


  1. I agree totally Meg. I seem to have less to say about our little family and the longer I leave it, the more I feel I should catch up which makes it a huge task. So I leave it. And that is why I haven't blogged....gasp....for 3 months. Bad blogger me.

    Keep up the great job you are doing!

  2. There was a time when you needed us and now we continue to love to read about your family. The photos and stories are so much fun and a great baby book for you, but do spend more of your time ENJOYING your blessed family.


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