Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's All about Perspective

Some things really stink

Your camera (which is super awesome and takes great pictures without an annoying delay) breaks just before your family vacation. That stinks.

You drop your son's urine off at a lab 50 minutes from your house. This lab is on the back of the requisition that was given to you in regards to said urine. You wait a week to find out if your child's tumor is growing based on the results of that urine test only to find out that the lab you dropped it off at isn't equipped to run that test. The urine needs to be recollected and you have to start all over again. That stinks.

I had a few hours of pouting about my camera. The idea of using a traditional digital while on vacation makes me cringe. I'm mad that this lab didn't think to call me immediately upon realizing that they don't do this test so that I could deliver the sample to another lab. Grrr...

Then I stumble upon this link. This is when the minuscule annoyances of my life become so insignificant as my heart breaks for this family who is suffering unspeakably. This is when I'm humbled by the precious grace of God evidenced by the selfless act of these beautiful moms (at least one of whom I met while we were in NYC).

I don't want to be a whiny woman with a broken camera or a mom fed up with the inefficiency of a lab. I want to be like these moms...they truly get it.

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