Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Life These Days

We are back in the swing of things around here. I welcome the return of the routine, although it is hard to leave the memories of family time and holiday fun behind.

There has been a big change in our house in the last few weeks. Since Allie was born 2 years ago, we have always had a "triplet bedroom" and "Allie's bedroom." A few days after Christmas, I looked at Matt and told him, "today is the day we should move Cara into Allie's room." He agreed, and we went for it! We told Cara that it was time for she and Allie to share a girly room together! We moved several of of the girls' toys in there and a dresser. This of course made more room in the boys' room, so many of their boy toys got moved into their new room for two! So we have 2 in each room, clearly gender-defined, and Matt and I have reclaimed some space in our house. Not a lot of space, but some!

In Brady news, it is already time for his 3 month urine check. We collected the sample today (which was like a comedy routine with 3 small people watching!) and I am dropping it off at a lab tomorrow. I have some moments of worry lately (what else is new?) as Brady is quite clingy and also has been doing this strange eye tick thing. Some days I'm ready to drag him to the oncologist, and other days I'm able to reassure myself that he is fine. I'm very happy that we are doing this urine check. It will give us all piece of mind until our October scans.

The most exciting news in our house is that we are busy getting ready for an upcoming trip to Disney!!! We are going to be spending some amazing family time together, celebrating life!!! I never would have dreamed that after our trip in February we would be returning so soon, but we have been able to take advantage of some amazing deals and our schedule at this point in our lives makes it easier to get away. The kids are bouncing-off-the-walls excited and so are we! Our fabulous grandparents are joining us again and I think they are coutning down the days too:) Of course we will share pictures galore when we return.

Here is a great picture of the boys from the other day! My two little super heroes have the best time being brothers:)

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  1. Yippee for Disney!! So excited for you! Looks like we might be not far behind - looking at Feb. dates right now!!

    Will be praying for Brady and good urine test results!


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