Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everyday Moments

We have been enjoying our everyday moments since returning from our vacation. I don’t think we have had a day when everyone is healthy since vacation though! So we are spending these last weeks of winter snuggling up, finding ways to entertain ourselves indoors, and enjoying the unpredictable weather of Western New York.

Several mornings a week Allie will ask to help me put away the silverware from the dishwasher. I do the sharp knives first, and then she carefully sorts the rest.  Her preschool days are only 6 months away:(


All dressed up in pink for church last weekend


Both of my beauties.


We reached temperatures in the 50s a few times this week. The triplets and I took a walk to the parking lot of the park to run around for a bit. Brady was practicing his balance beam skills using the parking lot lines.


And with a driveway free from ice and snow for the first time in months, it was time to get out the trikes!


How sweet is Cara as she helped Allie ride a trike for the first time, giving up her own bike to her for a few minutes:)


Eli somehow wound up in a mud puddle, getting his pants wet. He didn’t like the way that felt, so for a few minutes he stood with his pant legs rolled up. Grandma and I had a few laughs at this sight.


Allie’s boot fell off and she was not happy to discover that her sock got dirty.



On Fridays, the kids get to eat lunch at the counter, all while watching cartoons. Before we ate, they helped me make fruit salad. I love the way boys figure out how to make things fun for them. For example, I gave the boys a bunch of green grapes and asked them to gently pull them off and hand them to me. In their own all-boy-way, then pulled them off and then proceeded to shoot them across the counter at me. It actually turned out to be a really fun game.

Here are my goofballs showing off their watermelon-rind-smiles.


They wanted me to take a picture of their pretty fruit salad.


Everyday moments are the ones I try so hard not to take for granted. Everyday moments make me happy.


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  1. Your kids are all adorable, but the girls are especially pretty in their pink dresses with the bows in their hair!


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