Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Disney Dancer

Ask any of us what one of our favorite memories is of our Disney trip, and I bet most of us would recall this.

On Day 2 of our trip, after a long morning at Magic Kingdom, we all took a rest and were sitting enjoying the mid afternoon sun in front of the castle. Cara had just met the princesses earlier in the day and just seemed on cloud nine. She had the sweetest, most gentile spirit that day. As the adults sat and we took a few trips to the bathroom with the other kids, Cara just started dancing.

She kind of hopped along, twirled, and watched her shadow dance with her. People passed by and smiled at her. She didn't seem to even notice. She was a happy, carefree, beautiful girl and right in that moment she was all alone in front of the castle, just dancing.

I'm so glad Matt thought to capture this precious memory on tape.

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