Monday, February 7, 2011

Real Life Update!

It's been so fun to work on our Disney trip reports! I have 3 more days to go, but thought I'd take a day off and update on what has been happening in our real lives since returning home.

On our way home from the trip, Eli spiked a fever in the airport. From there on, sickness would be upon us for the next...well...until now. It has been 2 week of illness and we are just now getting out from under it. Cara ended up with pneumonia and Eli, Brady, and Allie all had the upper respiratory bug. Matt and I got somewhat sick too, but nothing compared to the poor kids. So upon returning, we didn't return to our normal activities until just this week! We have been housebound and just trying to get better.

The upside to all of this is that God did answer our prayers for health throughout our vacation! I was so relieved to have it happen once we were back home and among familiar surroundings. I'm also thankful that our schedule has been very light the past few weeks, allowing us time to rest up and take it easy!

We had another little bump in the road when we returned home. I didn't want to blog about it until we had more information. I really didn't want to cause panic or unnecessary worry. The weekend after we got home, we (actually my mother in law) noticed a lump in Brady's neck. It wasn't big, but of course we knew we had to get it checked out.

And so began the inner dialogue of every cancer parent.
"He has a lump."
"It's back. The cancer is back."
"No, it can't be. It's just nothing. Let's just ignore it and see if it goes away."
"No! We can't ignore it. Worst case scenario the cancer is active again and every day we wait to start treating it, is a day closer to not being able to beat it."
"I can't even stand the thought of more cancer treatment. What will we do? I can't handle that ever again!"
"The oncologist is going to think I'm crazy. I don't want to call about some little lump."
"I have to call. That's it, I'm calling."

It always goes something like that. Every strange complaint. Every lump and bump. That inner dialogue has such a stronghold. On one hand, I think that part of the dialogue is God's way of giving us insight to stay on top on things. On the other hand, I know that the Enemy wants to beat us down, keep us in this terrible state of fear. It is a delicate balance and one that I'm constantly praying for God to help me find.

So I called, and Brady's oncologist happily agreed to meet with us that Tuesday. We also brought along a new urine sample so that Brady's HVA/VMA levels could be tested (you may remember that his sample was "thrown out" by a lab before we left for vacation.) Our wonderfully compassionate doctor examined Brady's neck and told us that he felt lots of lumps, but that he thought that they were completely normal. He was very reassuring that if he had even the least bit of concern that it could be neuroblastoma then he would have sent us for further testing. But he wasn't, so I wasn't, and we all feel a lot better!

Two days later he called with the urine results and his words were, "rock solid normal." The best three words this momma could hear.

So onward we go with our boy with lumps in his neck, a small piece of possible tumor/possible scar tissue in his spine, curves in his spine, missing lamina in his spine, and rock solid normal urine results. Onward.

I started a new Beth Moore book this week (thank goodness) and one of the first things I read was that we have to be willing to let truth speak louder than our feelings, and long enough that our feelings finally agree. Those words are so powerful in my life. That is what I'm praying for as we continue onward.

So my friends, back to your regularly scheduled trip reporting tomorrow! Hopefully you can stand a few more days of pictures showing my kids with Disney characters:) Stay tuned...


  1. I was so scared reading this post, thank God it is not anything to worry about. You must have been terrified. I can't imagine how relieved you must have been to get the normal result back.

  2. A lump? Can you hear the panic in me as I type???? How STRESSFUL. Not stressful but STRESSFUL. Poor you and Matt. And hooray for rock solid standard normal. Thank God.

  3. Isn't it wonderful how God works! Brady is going to do great things and God is preparing the way. We may not understand why God does what he does, but as long as we remain faithful, he will always bring us through it. Thank you for sharing and know that prayers continue for you all daily.


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