Saturday, December 11, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

This morning we took our kids to the local community college where they were offering a breakfast with Santa that was free for kids 5 and under! This had our name all over it!!! There was a buffet breakfast, a craft table, and a sweet Santa there for the kids to meet. I was shocked at how few people were there at this event which only cost $10 total for Matt and I to eat.

We were one of the first families there, so we had a few minutes to waste after breakfast and before Santa arrived.

There were a few smooches.


A little bit of rough housing. (Can you say father & son?)


Some happy faces.




And lots of dirty plates!


Then, the moment arrived!



Remember the fairy godmother picture from Disney World with Cara holding her hand? This shot of Allie and Santa reminded me so much of that.


Then it was time to wait in line to sit on Santa’s lap! Some of us passed the time in line making sad and pathetic faces.


Brady told Santa that he wants something Spiderman for Christmas.


Cara told Santa that she wants an Ariel doll.


Eli told Santa that he wants a cannon and cannon balls for Christmas. Rumor has it that it took Santa two hours scouring Google to find something remotely close to this for Eli. I guess Santa’s elves don’t do cannonballs.


At this point I was starting to wonder if Santa had had enough of the crazy mom doing extreme close ups, but I had just a few more shots to take!

Allie told Santa that she wants pirate toys for Christmas. She only said that because the boys say that!



Finally, I had to include this blooper shot. Here are my sweet children staring at the elf taking pictures who had antlers on that lit up. I love Brady’s expression, Cara’s fake smile, Eli’s look of boredom, and Allie’s blank stare! Ha!



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  1. Hooray for elves who spend sleeping hours scouring Google. I know one who has done that looking for IDENTICAL boogie boards, for an outdoor clock and all sorts of other crazy things. God has a special place in Heaven for Mothers I believe :)


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