Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow is Falling

It feels a little bit like this here in Western New York these days.


This was me after coming in from the cold. Cara and I walked to her dance class which is literally only 3 doors and a parking lot down from my house. But boy, it seems much farther away when you are walking through snow, wind, and temps around 12 degrees. Cara was such a trooper.

I definitely am not complaining though! I so don’t enjoy the heat, and I certainly love when it looks like Christmas at Christmastime. So bring it on Old Man Winter!

My crew and I got a lot accomplished today. I like to think that this amount of work done amidst the usual whining, crying, and fighting that goes on in this house is quite remarkable. Maybe not, but I like to think it is! Sometimes the kids were helping, sometimes the kids thought they were helping, and other times I was thankful for some great Christmas cartoons which allowed me to work all by myself!

Here is what I checked off the to do list today!

We assembled a ginger bread house (thanks Schwartz family!)







Up next was a little cartoon time for the kids while I made some rice crispy treats. Yummy.

Then it was time for mommy to “bake” some cookies. Am I allowed to use the excuse that I have 4 kids under 4 to explain why I use premade cookie dough?

After lunch, the kids got to decorate their own cookies.



DSC_0105 DSC_0106





Next, 40 fingernails and 40 toe nails got cut. Then 20 fingernails got painted with sparkle polish.

Finally nap time. I finished up our Christmas cards and decorated the cookies we baked in the morning.

After nap and snack time, it was time for homework! Yes, my dear preschoolers have a little homework. Nothing big, just cutting out 5-6 pictures for the color of the week. However, 3, 3 year olds with scissors and their 2 year old sister wanting to have scissors too, can be quite interesting!

Then it was time for a quick dinner and Cara and I headed off to dance. 45 minutes later we were home and it was time for baths, which Matt so graciously handled so that I could make some reminder phone calls for our MOPS meeting tomorrow night.

All in a day in the life.


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  1. Such a busy day! But such beautiful faces to spend it with!


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