Thursday, December 16, 2010

Their Big Debut

The eldest Williams kids appeared in front of an audience for the first time last night. They joined their preschool classmates for the St. Paul Christmas Program. There were about 20 smiling and singing 3 and 4 year olds that started off the program with a few Christmas songs.

I had a few worries about my dear Eli as the big night drew closer. Standing still and not becoming distracted isn’t always easy for my sweet boy. But just as they always do, my trio surprised me. Eli stood up there and sang his little heart out and stood as still as you could expect any three year old boy to. Cara also stood there with a sweet smile, sang, and did all the arm movements.

Then there was this other boy with a smile on his face. Brady boy stood up there with this goofy little grin on his face. Instead of doing the arm movements that coordinated with the songs, Brady did this strange Little Drummer Boy imitation. It was actually quite funny, and distracting all at the same time. I was almost a little annoyed by him as he carried on with his arm movements throughout the whole performance. But then, my heart just swelled with pride that I had three healthy, happy kids up there among their peers. So you go right ahead and be silly Brady. You’ve earned it:)


ps This is the smile I was talking about!!!



  1. You are amazing. How do you get great photos with all FOUR of your children? I could not get ONE photo of my TWO children together - all year! So our Christmas card as a photo of G and then a photo of E beside the photo of G :) Well done SuperMum!

  2. beautiful outfits and photo!

  3. Have to love their individuality! Merry Christmas!

  4. You are so right Momma Megan....the boy has earned the right to be silly. And we are all blessed by it....:)


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