Monday, April 18, 2011

Scan Day

Tomorrow is Brady's 6 month scan. I can't believe it is here already again, but alas, it is time! I have been working hard to coordinate with an anesthesiologist ahead of time. A week's worth of phone calls to secretaries, coordinators, nurses, nurse practitioners, and finally an anesthesiologist himself have been made. I feel confident with the anesthesiologist we are assigned to tomorrow will listen to our concerns. I spoke with him directly tonight and after listening to our past experiences, he saw no reason why we can't proceed with using gas just to get Brady "under" and then use propofol throughout. He seemed to feel the whole situation was quite simple and clear to understand. I agreed and am hopeful that tomorrow will go a whole let better than last time. Brady's scan time isn't until 10:30 with us arriving at 9:30. I'm sad that sweet Brady won't be able to eat anything all morning. He has always surprised us with how tolerant he is of everything and I'm praying that this time he will do the same. We are going to leave the house around 7:45 and get to Rochester earlier than we need do. I thought maybe we could spend some time checking out toys at Walmart. Perhaps this will be a better distraction than sitting at home watching the other kids eat breakfast! With the three to four scan time, I'm hoping to be home by 4! Please pray for our strength as we hand Brady over to the MRI team and for the many hours he will be under anesthesia. That part just never gets easy for me. I hate letting him go and being without him for those long hours. Matt and I will spend our time on one of our famous "hospital dates." As twisted as it sounds, it usually is some of the best uninterrupted time with have together all year!!! Pray for Brady's comfort before, during, and after his scans. And of course, pray for a great report! We would love nothing more than to celebrate the kids' birthday this weekend and celebrate great health for each one!!


  1. Praying as always for sweet Brady and your entire family. Happy Birthday to the kiddos!!


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