Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Weekend of Blessings

It has been a weekend to remember! We have crammed a birthday celebration, Easter worship, and Easter dinner into the past two days and it has been wonderful!

We started off our Saturday letting Eli, Cara, and Brady open their presents from us. Even though their birthday wasn’t until Sunday, we celebrated it on Saturday.

For the quite a while, Cara has been telling us that all she wants for her birthday is a Rapunzel doll. She was so precious when she opened her present and saw Rapunzel. She actually said, “Mommy, all of my dreams are coming true!”


The boys each got a small present and they were equally thrilled!  Brady got a Batman car and Eli a pirate set. I love the way Eli sat back and analyzed the box after he opened it!



After presents it was time for the kids to get dressed. Then they spent some time playing in the basement with Grandma and Grandpa so that we could get things set up!


The kids each selected a picture for their birthday cake.  I bet this is the first time the lady at the store ever made a Spiderman/Ariel/Batman cake. The funniest thing about the cake is that when I picked it up I didn’t notice that Brady’s name was spelled wrong. It wasn’t until I was in line with 5 people behind me that I realized it said “Brody.” I just had to laugh because I had no time to go back and at that point, I was taking my Brody cake and going home. I was able to drag the tail of the cursive “o” with a toothpick and make it into an “a.” Needless to say, “Happy Birthday Brody” has become our new family joke. Not like the kid had a tough week or anything?!?




Party time!

Our adorable friend Jessica!


After brunch, our special guest  The Easter Bunny arrived!



We had our indoor Easter egg hunt and then everyone snuggled up with the Easter Bunny for a group picture!


Next it was time for presents! Our friends and family are so generous…coming to a birthday party for triplets means three times the presents!


Eli caught himself a butterfly!


Time for cake! Of course we sung Happy Birthday three separate times for our three 4 year olds!



I couldn’t help but think of those American Cancer Society Happy Birthday commercials as everyone sung to Brady. Yes, we are SO thankful for another birthday!


With the birthday party over, Matt and I began the process of re-cleaning the house and preparing for Easter! We decided to ask the Easter Bunny to just put the kids’ baskets next to their beds. This allowed us a few extra minutes to rest in bed while the kids excitedly emptied their baskets! I love that they are so happy to get things like new socks, notebooks to write in, and maybe a few pieces of candy!

Then the marathon was on! Time to get the 6 of us dressed and out the door to church! With 2 minutes to spare I asked the kids to sit on the steps for a few pictures.



I can hardly stand how cute the boys were in their new boat shoes! They were definitely a size too big, but oh my, the cuteness!



There were a lot of special things going on at church today too! They big kids celebrated their birthday during Sunday school. Eli, Cara, and Brady also got to ring the church bell in honor of their birthday!



I adore this picture of Cara!





Youth Group of the future!



Amidst a weekend of presents, cake, Easter outfits, and time with family, we were able to focus our joy on the glorious resurrection of Savior, Jesus Christ! We serve a living God and the best gift of all is the HOPE, GRACE, and LIFE that He gave to us by sending His son to die on the cross.

Happy Easter to you and yours!



  1. Happy Birthday to your babies!!! They look so grown up I can't believe it! Looks like you had a busy and wonderful weekend!

    God bless and Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Meg,
    Sounds like everything went just wonderfully. So glad I saw you at Target the other day... and have the privilege of praying for you over the weekend.

    Are you breathing again yet?? LOL.
    See ya tomorrow,


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