Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two Years Ago and Today

Two years ago I was feeling like this as we were preparing for this life-changing day. Can you believe it has been two years? Honestly it does kind of seem like forever ago. Maybe you were one who prayed for us that day. If I haven't done so in the last two years, may I please take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you for interceeding on Brady's behalf. Certainly the outcome of that day is proof-positive that God does answer prayer! There was no way for me to know two years ago where we would find ourselves today. Little did I know (but I DID hope) that I would be spending the day with Brady, but a healthy and whole Brady! This little guy has quite the busy calendar this next month or so. After his appointment with Dr. Sanders a few weeks ago, next up on the line up was a PT appointment and his 4 year old well-child visit which we also counted as his pre-anesthesia physical. I went in with a list of 6 issues to discuss with the doctor (just trying to get my money's worth!). Brady continues to have fluid in his ears. I have been trying Nasonex every morning with him, which basically turns into a daily headlock. He absolutely hates it and there is no other way to get him to do it than to just hold him and get it done. Of course in true Brady-style, he is fine within 2 seconds after it is done. Despite trying this though, the fluid is still there. The doctor explained that after 3 months, Brady could be a candidate for tubes in his ears. So, it looks like we will add another specialist, this time an ENT, to Brady's impressive list. I knew it was time to ask for help with the anesthesia issue that comes up with each scan. The thought of going in there on April 19th and worry that once again we will have to try and fight to get our voices heard by anesthesiologists makes me sick. We are just unwilling to take this risk again, we have had far too many bad expereinces. Anesthesia is safe, but when complications arise, it just introduces the risk for potentially dangerous situations. So what to do... I explained my concerns and asked if there is some way for she and I to come up with a written document explaining past experiences and the bad reactions he has had. It seems ridduculous to even have to think about doing such a thing, as one woudl assume this is the information that is in his chart...the information that one woudl assume is read by the anesthesia team each time. But please trust me, this does not happen. I have seen one doctor go back and casually flip through his chart. It is shocking and to me, unacceptable. Her recommendation is that we contact the anesthesia department and set up a consultation in the next week or so. She suggests that we find one doctor we trust and have him go through his chart, document the bad reactions his has had, and write a reccomendation based on his professional opinion. I like this idea since it will be coming from an anesthesiologist, rather than just myself or the pediatrician. Now I just have to find out if such an appointment is even possible. She also commented that it woudl be wise to have such a plan in writing in case we need to document any malpractice. Yuck. I will have some phone calls to make in coming days to set up two more appointments for Brady boy! In happier news, we got to have lunch together, snuggled up close in a booth at a great diner. Of course, pancakes and bacon were on Brady's plate. He was quite disappointed that the syrup selection was limited to...maple!


  1. Hooray for Brady. And hooray for his awesome parents for advocating for him. You do a great job! We will continue the prayers.

  2. what an inspiring story! it just tell us that no matter how harsh the situation may be, there will always come hope for all of us.


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