Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A First

There comes a time in every young life,

when you just have to face your fear,

put one foot in front of the other,

take a deep breath and just get it over with.

Do you see that ominous sign in the distance?!?


Today was Eli, Cara, and Brady’s first trip to the dentist!


After filling out 16 pages of new-patient paperwork, it was time for the kids to see what going to the dentist was all about!

I myself have always liked going to the dentist. However, the only concept of dentistry that my children have is from the few scenes in Finding Nemo where Nemo is trapped in the aquarium of an Australian dentist.  My children have watched in horror as that dentist drills away mercilessly in the mouth of a screaming patient.

There were pretty leery of stepping foot inside a dentist’s office, but as I always try to do, I told them how interesting, easy, and fun it would be!?!

We had a great hygienist who showed the kids all of the instruments they would be using and also gave them choices along the way. I wonder if they make you take child behavior classes when you train for that job?

Brady was up first and had some reservations…


I was holding his hand with one hand and snapping pictures with the other. I wasn’t going to miss these priceless photo ops!


It was all going pretty well until the hygienist put on a mask and leaned toward Brady to get started. He instantly just froze up, then rolled over toward me and said, “NOOOOO!”  The last thing that Brady sees before he goes under anesthesia for his scans is a room full of people wearing the same masks. He understandably is quite fearful of anyone wearing one. She so sweetly took off the mask, used some sort of antibacterial mouthwash so that she wouldn’t breath germs on him, and continued without the mask.



Eli was up next and I was surprised by how willingly he jumped up in the chair. Before she could start talking he said, “Wait!” and reached out for my hand. So sweet.


He was the only one who liked Mr. Thirsty (the spit-sucker thing).


I love, love how Eli assumed his usual foot position.


Cara was getting inpatient.


The hygienist could barely help Eli out of the chair before Cara leapt into it as fast as can be.


This girl does everything with intensity and gusto!



The kids’ teeth got a great report! No cavities and pretty good brushing all around! Next up we have to work on flossing and encouraging them to spit out after brushing.

Perhaps the best part of their day was getting to choose new toothbrushes and picking a sticker to take home.


On the way out, I asked the secretary if I could start a savings plan for braces!



  1. If only those scary Australian folks hadn't used a drill in Nemo........ :)

    I think all three of them did extraordinarily well. Ethan's first visit involved me holding him in the chair whilst he screamed and my cousin (the Dentist) doing a 90 second review and deeming everything fine. We had done all the softly, softly preparation and talking to him and showing him instruments first. It didn't help one bit :(

    Hooray for Brady, Cara and Eli!

  2. OMG! We go to that dentist also, They are wonderful there!! How brave they all were. We'll have to talk all about in sunday school, lol. Tell them Miss Kelly said great job


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