Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!

So happy. So thankful. So relieved. So encouraged.

I've felt discouraged lately. Life is hard. It gets me down.
God sends his mercy. God pours out his grace.

On the way to Brady's appointment today, I heard this song which was so encouraging to me.

Now onto the appointment. Brady's spine looks great! Can you believe it?
His scoliosis looks about the same (was 15 degrees, now somewhere between 12-18 degrees) and his kyphosis has improved (was 42 degrees, now around 35).

He had 3 Xrays and stood like a still soldier for all of them. Dr. Sanders was very encouraged by the results and thinks that Brady's muscles getting stronger in the past year or so has helped his spine hold steady as he grows. Considering his risk for instability (laminectomy at 5 levels) this is incredible. Some may say that this is "a great medical outcome," I choose to call it "answered prayer!"

I then asked the Dr. what, if any, restrictions Brady has in regard to physical activity. All of a sudden Tball is upon us, the kids love bounce houses, and of course there are the daily wrestling matches between brothers. Dr. Sanders looked at us and said, "No restrictions. Brady Williams have fun just being a kid!"

Tears of joy followed as I told him the story of that day, December 23, 2008 when the specialist told us that Brady would never play Tball because he was going to be permanently disabled with cerebral palsy. Two years and a few months later and we are a month away from opening day. A victory in Jesus that is contained in the 32 pound body of our little boy.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Brady. But for today, would you remember to thank God for what he continues to do for him? Now go listen to that song above:)


  1. Our boys, Brady & Tighe are in good hands. I see them completely healed and becoming strong role models in this world. God is Good!

  2. Praise God...He is so good!! Answered prayers indeed!

    I love that song. His Grace IS enough!

    I can't wait to see pictures of Brady in his little Tball uniform...go get 'em Brady :)


  3. I saw Sandy today and heard the good news! It is great to read, but so much better hearing it right from a Grandmother!!!! YAY Brady!

  4. Our God is amazing, your little boy is amazing as well!


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