Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here's What Shaking

Hello out there?!? We are all alive and well. I have just been too caught up with life to find the time to write. I'll just go ahead and say the ever-popular excuse, "I've been busy!"

Here is a quick, unorganized, run-down of what has been happening in our lives as of late:

1. The kids are very anxious for spring. They want to be outside.

2. Matt and I realized recently that it had been quite a while since Brady has had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. This doctor's office has a "don't call us, we'll call you" policy when it comes to booking appointments. Well, they didn't call us. Come to find out, they were supposed to call us in January and there was a clerical/computer error. We now have an appointment later in the month to check the status of Brady's spine.

3. Scans are coming up in April. Cue the anxiety.

4. I signed the triplets up for T-Ball tonight.

5. I'm sharing my testimony and Brady's story with two groups this spring. I'm excited about what God has in store!

6. The triplets turn 4 on Easter Sunday this year!

7. We are battling a lot of disobedience in our house these days. It is exhausting work trying to shape all of these young minds and spirits all at once!

8. Matt and I have gotten into couponing. We might be total nerds, but our goal is saving money.

9. We had our heating ducts cleaned last week. The kids were thoroughly confused as we waited for the "duct guys" to get to our house. Brady finally asked me, "Will they have yellow feathers mommy?"

10. I let the kids draw all over our front door with markers and crayons (made for windows of course). Drive by and check out their artwork!

11. The Spring Consignemnt Sale and my garage sale have been scheduled. Bring on the cleaning out and sorting process!

12. Brady HATES using nasal spray daily.

13. Taking two almost-four-year-old boys shopping for Eater outfits is a real treat. I laughed and sweat my way through the process of trying on dress shirts, ties, and pants in a dressing room while trying to rangle two silly boys who were distracted by their own body parts.

That's the latest around here. I promise I will get some pictures up before the end of the week:)


  1. you have been busy!! I am loving that you are couponing...I am trying-but sometimes, you never quite have that needed coupon for the fresh bag of APPLES!!! Good Luck!

    Wow-T-BALL!!! You win the mama of the year award! That is awesome!! I am sure they are going to have a BLAST!!!

  2. LOL! Your candor & wit never lets me get thru an entry like this one without a good laugh from the belly Meg! Gotta love the 4 year-old perception of "the duct guy"!! I hope you'll post the kids' t-ball schedule when you know it-I would dearly love to stop by & watch one of their games! It is absolutely the best-of-the-best baseball to watch them run the bases BACKWARDS!! (Recalling my now-30-year-old son's days in t-ball-my husband was the coach!!)

  3. I'm laughing at the thought of actually taking the kids to try on clothes. My triplets are 4.5 and I have never done that. Mostly I buy a season ahead, but if I'm buying something special for now, I bring it home and then try it on. If it really didn't fit I could just return it. The thought of them in a dressing room scares me!

  4. Lori-I was totally leary of this dressing room process! I just had the boys for an appointment, so I figured why not? The worst part was that we were Easter shopping, and I picked those dress shirts that come in a plastic bag. There were like 20 pins holding each one in place. When the boys caught on that there were pins, they started pretending that they had stepped on pins, which made me even more flustered. Oh the joys of little boys:)


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