Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silly Boys

I mentioned that the boys and I had an outing together last week. Brady had PT and Eli tagged along. Of course any trip to Rochester must include a little shopping and if Brady has anything to say about it, lunch at I SPOT. 

What, you have never heard of I SPOT?

I SPOT is Brady’s name for IHOP and I love it.

I took him here last month and the boy ate pancakes for an hour. He delighted in trying all of the different kinds of syrup. He tried Maple, Strawberry, Boysenberry, Blueberry, and Butter Pecan. He loved them all.

So after PT and a stop to find the boys Easter outfits, off to I SPOT we went.

And my two hungry, silly boys were with me.

downsize (2)


Super silly warning.


On this day I was reminded that having triplets plus one isn’t the only  exhausting parenting gig.

Spending the morning with two wiggly, goofy, hungry, needing-to-go-to-the-bathroom-every-15-minutes boys is quite exhausting too!



  1. I love IHOP too! I have a pic of each of our kids taken at IHOP in Honolulu. Oh those sauces. Yum oh yum!

  2. I will need to send Brady and Eli some real maple syrup from real Maple Trees on the McCormick farm! of course , you will have to make many many pancakes :) I like IHOP but am a snob about Maple syrup...when you have had cant be satisfied by imitation:)


  3. Vanessa-
    Who am I to turn your offer down? Sounds delicious! And McCormick farm sounds like a field trip in the making:)


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