Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Praying for No Change

It's not everyday that we pray for no changes in our lives.

Matt and I are praying for no changes when it comes to Brady's spine. His appointment with the orthopedic specialist is tomorrow. He will have a series of XRAYs to assess the status of his scoliosis and kyphosis. At his last appointment, in July, his scoliosis was 15 degrees and his kyphosis was 42 degrees. We are hoping and praying that there is not an increase in either of these curves. Children with spinal instability are at a greater risk of curve during years of rapid growth. Children up to age 4 are in a period of very rapid growth, then they slow down from 4 until puberty when they hit another period of growing. As Brady approaches turning 4 (1 month from tomorrow!), we are hopeful that he is getting "out of the woods" when it comes to further curve progression, at least for a few years.

I have noticed that the right side of his chest, around his collar bone and under it, seem to be bulging a little. Matt said that this could indicate some change in the curve, kind of pushing that part of his chest out. It is so hard to know if it has been like that for a while, or if it is something new. The XRAYs will give us a good idea of any changes since July.

If you would, please pray that God would protect Brady as he is exposed to radiation (again) tomorrow. Pray that Brady would be brave during the XRAYs as I no longer can stand right next to him because of all the exposure I have had. Pray that God's mighty hand will guide Brady's spine as he grows, keeping it as straight as possible. I'm also going to be asking the doctor what sort of limitations Brady has as far as physcial activity. The triplets are signed up for TBall and I want to make sure we have the go ahead for things like this.

Next up on our schedule in Brady's world are a trip to the eye specialist because of some repetitive blinking he has been doing, a pre-anesthesia physical with the pediatrician, his scans scheduled for April 19th, and his post-scan appointment with the oncologist April 21st. We are going to get all of that out of the way so that we can celebrate Eli, Cara, and Brady's 4th birthday with a whole lot less worry on our minds!

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  1. Praying for Brady and you guys today! Hoping there is no change and that Brady can join his siblings at Tball!

    I can't believe that our babies are going to be 4 (Tommy turns 4 on the 4th)!!



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