Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To the Doctor We Go

This morning I had several plans for the day, most importantly I knew that Matt and I would be taking Brady for his appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Well, that part did happen. But before that, Cara and I took a trip to Rochester. She has had a high fever on and off since Sunday night. Her appetite is off and she just hasn't looked well. My mother in law peeked at her tonsils today and she saw some "gunk" back there, so I decided it was best to get her in to see the doctor. That was my first trip to Rochester and back today! She did a wonderful job at the doctor, even enduring a strep test with a smile. The strep test was negative, but the doctor said that she has a virus that is going around. She recommended rest, fluids, and Motrin to control the fever.

Later in the afternoon Matt came home from work early and picked up Brady and I and we made our way back to Rochester for his appointment. I wish you could have seen how silly Brady was acting while we waited for the doctor. He had to have his shirt off so that the doctor could examine him, and he was just hamming it up. Matt and I were just laughing histerically at him as he continuously pulled his shorts up as high as he could and then dropped them around his ankles. Not many things are more funny looking than a scrawny three year old in Cars briefs!!! He truly is a goof ball. Matt took him for his XRAYS this time and I just teared up as I watched him happily and bravely march away to the room. He thinks nothing of such things anymore and even talks and interacts with the techs, nurses, and doctors. Where did my shy and fearful baby boy go?

We are absolutely so very impressed by our orthopedic specialist, Dr. Sanders. He is kind, compassionate, encouraging, honest, concise, and respectful. You many remember at our last visit that Brady's kyphosis had not changed from the visit before. His scoliosis had amazingly improved from 15 degrees to 5 degrees or less.

We are over-the-moon to report that his kyphosis (front to back curve) has once again stayed the same!!! Praise the Lord!!! Dr. Sanders was very encouraged by this! His words were that we are "getting out of the woods" as far as a malignant progression, or point of no return in regards to that curve. Children have rapid growth up until about age 4, and children with injuries like Brady are at greatest risk for spinal curvature during this time of growth. As Brady ages, hopefully (and prayerfully!) his risk of curve will decrease. It is very encouraging that the kyphotic curve (42 degrees) has not increased in the past 6 months.

Now his scoliosis (side to side curve) is a different story. Two visits ago, his scoliosis measured 15 degrees, then in March it measured only 5, and today it measured 15 degrees again. I'm still a little unsure about the hows/whys of this, but I think I understand that because Brady is young, his spine is still flexible which accounts for the differences in the curve. Dr. Sanders is still a little leery of the scoliosis and wants to continue to follow this. We will rescan again in 6 months.

So there you have it. Another chapter in Brady's journey. I hate to downplay doctor's visits like today. In all honestly, my eyes were filled with tears when Dr. Sanders used the terms "getting out of the woods" in regards to one of the curves. As emotional as I was, deep in my heart I understand that these orthopedic problems are small potatoes compared to what we have been through, and what we could go through again. And my heart longs every day to hear those words to describe where Brady is in regards to cancer. My mind is never far from cancer...constantly putting things into perspective when compared to that nightmare. We jump these hurdles, big and small, one at a time. We keep on jumping, all the while praying, that God will see us through each and every one. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Hooray for Team Williams. When my scoliosis curve used to be measured by two Doctors on the same day, they used to come up with different numbers within about 5 degrees of each other. But that was because they were measuring by drawing lines on the x-tray and using a little plastic thingy to work out the angles. That was back last century (smile!) so I don't know how they do it now?

    So pleased for the great news.

  2. That is very similar to how they do it now! The xray comes up on the cpmputer and they use the mouse to drag and click lines that measure the angles. It certainly isn't 100% accurate!

  3. Megan,
    What a great report on Brady's spine curves! Yay! I hope little Cara is feeling better. Poor girl! When will you hear about Brady's urine sample? I'm sending prayers all the way around for those beautiful kiddo's of yours!

  4. I'm emailing the oncologist today about the urine results. They only run that test once a week, so it may still be a few days before we know.***Meg***


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