Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America and Natalie!

4th of July weekend is extra special in our family. Two years ago our beautiful niece Natalie was born on July 4th, so now we have our very own Yankee Doodle Sweetheart:)

Saturday we celebrated her birthday at a wonderful circus themed party!


The day looked a little like this!


And the adorable birthday girl Natalie looked like this!DSC_0678

Auntie Kristen and Uncle Andy did a great job with games for the kids. Check out their elephant putt-putt game!

DSC_0647 Allie was a little obsessed with the cups filled with water!

DSC_0649 Cara, cousin Aubrey, and Eli

DSC_0655 Brady and Eli playing the ring toss game.

DSC_0658 Aubrey being a silly girl!

DSC_0661 And Cara too!

DSC_0664 Allison being a cutie!



DSC_0698 DSC_0697 Of course there was candy and lots of treats!



DSC_0683 The night ended with some wonderful fireworks! Brady fell asleep on my lap (heavenly!) but the other 3 stayed awake until 11pm!

Today it was a low key day at home including some time in the pirate pool!

DSC_0706 Summer is on! We are feeling blessed by our family, blessed by our friends, and blessed by our health!


  1. Amen to feeling blessed this summer! Let the fun begin!!!

    Feeling very blessed,
    Deb R.


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