Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer and Thoughts

I can't believ that summer is half over. Well, not technically, but who among us is that technical right?

I guess I'm referring to the fact that the big kids in our house will be starting preschool in just a month and a couple of weeks. It is only for two mornings a week, no big deal. But wait!?! It is a big deal to this momma's heart.

I'm really excited for them to go. They need to go. I need them to go. I hope you are all reading between the lines here and can pick up on the fact that We.All.Need.A.Break!

I can't wait for them to have a teacher to look up to, listen to, and learn from. I would love to be that person for them forever, and I plan to be in some sense, but I feel that time in a different environment will be great for my three. You see for their three years they have lived very structured, safe, predictable little lives. Out of necessity we are quite often the family that has our kids to bed precisely on time, never misses a bath night, and almost never does things on the fly (although this summer I have been challenging this and trying to be spontaneous much more often!). I think it will be great for them to see the world a little bit differently, be among kids who are different, and perhaps even realize that not everyone shares a birthday with other people in their house:)

But boy, it is going to be tough to send them off. I haven't really had to send them anywhere for any amount of time yet. I'm generally the one here with them, everyday, all day. What a strange and sad feeling to think that I won't be the one to kiss their boo boos while they are at shcool, or to talk them through any problems that might arise. And then my heart turns to Brady. I almost want to pin a note on his shirt that explains his whole life story to each and every person he will encounter in the world. Just so they know. Just so they get it. But I'm realizig that I don't need to do that anymore. Sure the school needs to know his health history for obvious reasons, but other than that, he is just another normal preschooler.

So, like so many moms out there, I'm trying desperately to relish the moments. Trying to keep the perspective that these years are precious, fleeting, and oh-so-special. I'm going to do my best to soak up these last few weeks of summer. From here on out, my time with them at home will be less and less with each passing year. I'm excited for them, I'm kind of sad for me! Many tell me this is all normal motherhood stuff, right?

Yours truly,
The Happy/Sad Mommy

ps. As we speak, I have a great graphic designer working on a new look for the blog. You can find her work at The Pixel Boutique and she is graciously offering her services as part of a blog contest that I entered many moons ago. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Megan. You've said it to eloquently. Yes, it is normal. Happy for them, sad for the parents all rolled up into one!


  2. I am a Happy/Sad Mom too as my youngest is moving out tomorrow. 30 Years ago I was waiting for my first born and now my baby is leaving. Hard to watch him pack up with a smile on my face. You will have these happy/sad moments many times to come...sometimes it hurts to watch your kids grow!

  3. Hey Megan! They're going to St. Paul's, right? If so, they will be fine! Mrs. Porter is fantastic with the kiddos! I'm so thankful we chose to send Ian there. He grew so much last year! It was hard the first day, but each day was a little easier. I'm having to deal with Kindergarten this year. YIKES! And don't worry about Brady, he'll be fine! Ian had friends in his class with food allergies & leukemia. And I'm sure Mrs. Porter has seen more! See you tomorrow!


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