Sunday, July 11, 2010

So Long Beautiful Summer Weekend

If you haven't noticed, our little blog likes a tiny bit different. I'm in the process of updating, renovating, reorganizing, and hopefully making our blog more user friendly. It may take some time as I'm trying to enlist the help of a graphic designer since my computer skills are, uh, basic at best! I will keep updating and telling our story as this process moves along.

Here are a few sights from our weekend.

It’s always fun to share a little  bit of Williams’ mischief!


The culprit this time was Allison. Whenever I forget to hang my purse up on the wall hook, she takes full advantage! She knows how to unzip it and ALWAYS finds my coupon organizer. Let’s just say that my coupons are organized no-more…again!

On Saturday we helped our wonderful friend Jessica celebrate her 3rd birthday at her adorable Jungle Party! Check out my 4 safari kids!


There were jungle animals to discover all over the yard!




It seems like forever since Brady has had a big doctor’s appointment. That is probably because it has been 3 months since his last scans. Up until now we have been on a 3-month scan schedule, but now we are waiting six months (October). This week we are due back at the orthopedic doctor to evaluate any changes in Brady’s spine. The appointment is Tuesday and we are hoping and praying that there has been no change in either of the curves in his spine. We haven’t noticed any changes, so that is encouraging. We are also going to drop off a urine sample at the lab while we are there. This will give us a spot check of Brady’s catecholamine level, which is an indicator of active neuroblastoma. A normal result will allow us to take a deep breath until scan time, and of course an abnormal result would be a huge problem. So---please remember to keep Brady and our family in your prayers this week! Thank you:)  


  1. when printing your blog it is very small print and the pictures are very small also.

  2. Love the new picture of Brady, they are all growing so very fast. Your new look is great too! I continue to pray daily that God will guide you all on this journey through the ups and downs of Neuroblastoma. He continues to be a God of miracles so I have faith that another one is on it's way. Thank you for your continuing this blog, and sharing your story with others. You have touched so many and will continue to be a ministry to many more. Keep up the good work.

  3. The Boys made me so happy that day! They got right into the safari/jungle theme. I loved how they went around to find the aniamls. Thanks so much for coming. I think we need to just have you all over to play on the playset. they all seemed to enjoy that...maybe some food and fun?-Christina


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