Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Could I Have Forgotten?

The humidity must be getting to my brain!!! I absolutely forgot to blog about Brady's urine test results that we found out about on Thursday.

The results are in the words of the oncologist, "rock solid normal!" Hooray! Yippee! Yahoo! AMEN!

This was a great week for Brady boy! A good report from the spinal x-rays and a great report from the oncologist!!! Now we can let our guard down just a bit until scan time in October.

As you can see, Brady wasn't worried a bit!

(haircuts planned for Wednesday...and what is up with those tatoos for they ever come off?)


  1. Great news Brady! We need to make plans to do something soon! Oh and sorry for the ever lasting tatoos, baby oil works great to take them off:)-Chris

  2. Thank you Father God for another great miracle.

    Matt and Megan, you are doing great work and giving God all the glory...Go Brady!

  3. Shouting Yahoo and Hooray from the other side of the planet!!

    p.s. Having 4 children under 4 may have contributed to you not having the time or brain space to blog!

  4. Thank the we can focus on October.


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