Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Interrupt Today's Trip Report...

to share with you some wonderful...

We had our appointment with the new orthopedic surgeon today. Brady had a series of XRAYs to check the degree of his scoliosis (side to side spinal curve) and kyphosis (front to back spinal curve). If you remember, at our January appointment, his XRAYs showed that both curves had increased significantly in 3 months time. We approached today's appointment with trepidation because we feared his curves would be even greater. In recent months we have researched several options for treating this type of problem, all of which are either quite invasive (surgery) or very restricting for Brady (casting).

Brady had both standing and laying down XRAYs. By comparing the two, the doctor was able to assess if the curves were flexible or fixed. A fixed curve would be very similar in both a standing and laying XRAY. A flexible curve shows improvement when you lay down.

I didn't realize this was even possible, although Matt and I have been asking God to do this for our Brady for a while...Brady's scoliosis has actually DECREASED! His previous scan went from 15 degrees to 5!!! There is a margin of error with these XRAYs, but the doctor assured us that the improvement shown is outside of the margin of error, meaning that Brady's spine actually straightened out a little bit in the last month or so. His kyphosis curve went from around 47 degrees to 44. With the margin of error, this means that this curve pretty much stayed the same!

Another great piece of news is that his laying down XRAYs show that his curve is pretty flexible--the curve improved by about 20 degrees. A flexible spine is still able to be molded and changed. Of course the doctor told us that we are in no way out of the woods. We still need to follow up on this quite frequently and Brady is at risk for significant increases in either curve, especially during times of growth spurts. It is likely that some form of intense treatment or surgery could be in his future. Typically, growth slows down a lot by age 4 and 5, and then increases during puberty.

We are totally overjoyed by today's news. Remember what I was saying about God yesterday? Nothing, absolutely nothing, is beyond His reach. He can move the mountains, why did I ever doubt that He could bend my little Brady's spine back ever-so-slightly in the right direction and give us so much hope for his future!?!?!

Thank you for your prayers friends! I read about many cancer families who worry that after their child is done with treatment that people will stop praying. I worry about this too, but am constantly reassured by your comments and emails that we aren't walking along, even though our battles seem to be easier:) To God be the glory...


  1. I couldn't be happier for Brady!!!

  2. I was awake at 1.30am our time this morning. I think that is about mid morning your time. And I was angry at not being able to go back to sleep. BUT then, like a lightening bolt, Brady came into my mind and I started asking God for guidance, help and wisdom. God is good and Alleulia for great results! p.s. It's now noon and I'm wrecked. Off for a nap until I have to do the school pick up at 3pm! M x

  3. We could never stop praying for Brady or your family!

    What wonderful news!! YES! To God be the glory!!! He is amazing and continues to shower your Brady with miracles!!!


  4. God is Great all the Time! Lots of Love-Chris S.

  5. To God be the GLORY!!! AMEN!!!

    You are always in my thoughts and prayers!
    Deb R.

  6. YEA Brady!!!! I am so excited to hear the wonderful news!!! What an answer to prayer!!! I love that we serve an AWESOME GOD!!!!

  7. The miracles just keep on happening and I am so glad for that!

  8. Never to discount the power of the Almighty, but I had some practical thoughts.
    First: all the joy your family shared last week is truly a healing in itself. I am sure the worrying was gone while you were so busy enjoying all the sights of Make a Wish.
    Second: I have started Pilates (in my 60's) and notice how it is helping my posture, etc. Is there some form of Pilates or Yoga that is appropriate for Brady's age? I would think that teaching him stretching and muscle control would have some effect on his spine.
    Just a thought!

  9. Matt and Meagan, I am so thrilled for your good news. God is continuing to work beautiful miracles in young Brady. His love for us is unending and we are forever covered with his precious blood. I will continue to pray for you all daily. Your tales of your trip are wonderful, and I am visiting Disney through your words, thank you.

  10. Meg, We are so happy to hear your great news. May you continue to know that many people are praying with and for you. May God continue to pour out His blessings on your family. Heather

  11. I think the last phrase of that song is...
    GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Praise God!
    Kerri Schwartz


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