Sunday, March 14, 2010


We ask for your prayers for Matt's grandma. Yesterday she fell and broke her hip. This morning she had surgery to repair it and came through the surgery fine. Please pray for her comfort, healing, and for those caring for her.

My heart is also aching for the families of 8 precious children who have passed away this week from Neuroblastoma. 8 children in just 7 days. Please join me in praying for their families, that they may be drawn closer to God through this dark time. Pray for those still fighting this disease and for those who have survived but live with uncertainty each day.

Tomorrow Brady and I are headed to Rochester. In order for him to continue receiving physical therapy services, he needs to have a complete preschool evaluation. Tomorrow he will have a lot of testing done in several areas. I'm hoping he wakes up in a good mood and that we have a great day! I'm thinking that we will be going out to lunch together too:)


  1. Prayers for Matt's Grandma, the new NB angels (far, far too many let alone in such a short time) and their family and friends and for Brady to be himself tomorrow.

  2. I will certainly pray for Matt's Grandmother. The same thing happened to my Granny several years ago!!

    Will also keep those precious families in our prayers.

    Have a great lunch with Mr. Brady!!!


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