Friday, March 5, 2010

Trip Report: Day 6

It was our last full day of our dream-come-true trip! As always we were up and out early to get to the Magic Kingdom right when it opened! The day was sunny, but cool.

Everybody grab a buddy!





Hey! That means I didn’t have a buddy! Okay, that seemed to happen a lot! I was in charge of the “stuff” so I had to grab a buddy when I could find one!



I love this one…pretty morning light and the promise of a fun day ahead!


A beautiful close-up of the castle…

DSC_0466One of the most magical things about Disney World is that the unexpected happens all the time. You never know who you may bump into and all of a sudden…a magical Disney moment is born!

As we walked through the castle, we saw her. 

181_181She was just standing there and she instantly wanted to talk to our family! The Fairy Godmother! There was something about her. She was a beautiful woman in her late 60s I’d say. She was enchanting, gentle, and made even my scared little Cara smile!


Then she realized that we had triplets and a baby! She was hooked! There were other people lining up to see her, and she just kept right on loving on the Williams’ kids!



This next picture is the picture of the trip in my humble opinion. This picture captures everything I love about Disney. The wonder, the make believe, the fairy tales…and my little girl loved this moment as much as the rest of us who got to see it all happen.



After that great experience, we headed back to Fantasyland and repeated many of the attractions that we had done the first day! The kids had many requests of course…Dumbo, the Carousel, It’s a Small World…



Before our trip (and even after) several people have reacted to our trip with disbelief that we would want to take 4 young kids to Disney. I can truly tell you that this place is made people of every age. We saw families with many young kids like ours, teenagers, young couples, and older couples all having the time of their lives. In my opinion the other three parks are geared towards older kids and adults, but Magic Kingdom is the perfect place for toddlers! Not only are the attractions and restaurants great for the 1-4 age group, but it is quite easy to meet the physical needs of younger kids while you are there. Each park has a baby care center that is just amazing! The centers are huge rooms complete with changing tables!! Not the pull-down plastic shelf type that you find in public restrooms. Any baby supply that you can think of (diapers, wipes, Tylenol, pacifiers, sippy cups, diaper cream…) are available for purchase. Disney thinks of everything!

For lunch we had reservations at the Crystal Palace Buffet with characters from Winnie the Pooh! This is a favorite of mine since Matt and I ate here on my honeymoon. My kids (okay and me too!) all love Pooh and friends. I think of them as the kinder, gentler Disney characters!


We had to wait outside for a bit before being seated. We enjoyed the sun and views of the castle.



As soon as you sit down, the characters start strolling by! If you dine at a character meal, don’t expect a relaxing meal! You have to eat fast and get your camera out even faster!


Brady and his Eeyore


Cara did great with these characters!





Eli and Brady were so funny with the characters. I think they thought since Pooh and his friends were so big and fluffy that they were indestructible. The boys were very gentle at first, then they would start trying to wrestle them. Here they are as they started to get silly and a little rough. Seconds later, Pooh’s helper escorted him to the next  table.


I give Crystal Palace 4 stars (****) because of its great location (at the end of Main Street USA), good food, great character interaction, and good service. It is kind of a loud, chaotic place…but that is part of the fun!

We followed our usual afternoon routine of naps and then coming back to the park for dinner. We kept it casual and tried to grab a quick dinner at Casey’s Corner, a counter service hot-dog restaurant at the end of Main Street. We give this place 3 stars (***). The service was extremely slow, but I think this isn’t a usual problem. Something happened in the kitchen and I didn’t see any hotdogs come out for over 15 minutes. The Cast Members working there were so nice about the wait though! I do have to recommend the corn dog nuggets (yum!) over the hot dogs. I’m used to delicious western-NY-brand Zweigle’s hot dogs, so I didn’t think Casey’s hotdogs compared. I ordered corn dog nuggets for the kids and they were SO yummy! The combo meals are pretty inexpensive and there is inside and outside seating. We caught part of the Street Party Parade as we ate our dinner.

After dinner we walked around and revisited Adventureland. We rode on Pirates of the Caribbean one last time and a few other favorites. It was getting really cold, so we decided to try and make it onto the boat in time to watch the fireworks from our resort. Our timing was a little off, so we ended up watching the fireworks while riding away from Magic Kingdom across the lagoon. I was so happy to be holding Brady on my lap that night, which was rare because he wanted to be Grandpa’s buddy most of the time. It seemed that at the end of each night, he always found his way onto my lap or in my arms (lucky me!). I snuggled him close as we watched the beautiful colors light up in the night sky. I remember whispering in his ear, “I’ll never forget this moment Brady.” And I never will…


The next day was Saturday, the day we said goodbye to Florida and wrapped up our Make a Wish trip. There was still some fun left to be had…stay tuned!

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  1. It has been wonderful to read your blog, Megan. We are so glad that all went magically well, and we want to go back to Disney right now!
    The news about Brady's good checkup is the best of all possible things.


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