Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Test Results are in!

Late last night it hit me! I never emailed to find out the results of Brady's urine test! We dropped off the sample the same day of his orthopedic appointment. I guess the good news that day totally clouded my memory! So last night at 10pm I emailed Brady oncologist and asked him to check for the results. Well, about 3 minutes later he emailed me back (what an amazing guy--but I wonder if he ever stops worrying about his patients?) He checked the urine levels and in his words they are "rock solid!" This is great, wonderful, and oh-so-reassuring news! It has been a difficult few weeks in the Neuroblastoma world, and knowing that so many children are fighting losing battles allows the doubt in my mind to rear its ugly head. I'm so thankful for this bit of reassurance in between scans that things are okay.

Scans will be sometime the week of April 12th...

Onward we

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