Monday, March 29, 2010

Man Down!

I hate to even type these words because of the dread that I feel about what might come...but...
Matt has the stomach bug.

My poor honey who rarely gets sick, is quite sick. He stayed home from work and spent the day trying to recuperate from a pretty awful night. Of course as soon as I heard him throwing up I thought I might throw up at the thought of the rest of us succumbing to this bug.

So far we are all still holding strong. I've been Lysoling and cleaning all day making my best attempt to spare the kids and I:) The kids and I included daddy in our prayers tonight at bedtime. I asked that God help daddy to feel better since he was "achey." Well, Brady thought that was the funniest word ever and I could hear him giggling and saying "achey" well after I turned out the light. Silly boy!

Hopefully you'll hear from me tomorrow:)


  1. Dear God. Please help Matt to recover quickly. Also God, please perform a miracle and spare Megan, Eli, Brady, Cara and Allie the bug that Matt's got. With thanks, Michelle x

  2. I hope he gets feeling better soon and that the rest of you stay super healthy! Keeping your family in my prayers.

  3. You all had the bug once already! Prayers for no more of that in your house.


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