Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunny skies and Mud pies!

I’m a lucky momma this week. I took advantage of having grandma over today and grabbed Eli and we headed to the store. Oooo how I love to have my babes with me one  at a time! Yesterday I had Brady, today Eli, and tomorrow Cara and I go to her 3 year check up.

Eli is just the best kid to shop with. He thinks everything is amazing, never complains no matter how many stores I drag him to, and thanks me for silly things like buckling him in his car seat.

We  just ran to a few stores and of course to KMART to visit his favorite toy department. He and I have this tradition of going to the KMART toy aisles because they carry Little Einstein toys (his favorite!) When we go in that store, he pipes right up and says, “This is where my rocket is!” He is so sweet about playing with the toys just for a few minutes and understands when we have to leave, that he has to leave his favorite rocket behind. Don’t tell Eli, but mommy has that rocket hiding up the closet just waiting for a certain little boy to turn 3 next month:)

This afternoon we got outside to soak up some of that gorgeous sunshine! The kids are having a great time playing on top of the mud mound in our front yard. If you haven’t seen our front yard lately, you should drive by sometime. It is so lovely so see a huge dirt mound leading from the sidewalk to our house where they dug 12 feet down to find our water/sewer lines back in January. Just lovely!

Here is Allison telling you she is SOOOO big!


The triplets checking out the side yard which is kind of swampy these days!  Um..when did they learn to climb the fence?!?!


Of course I had to run around to the other side of the fence to get a picture from the front! (Oh, and the lovely dirt mound is visible in the background!)


Never wanting to be left out, Allie had to go and be this cute and peek at me through the fence!

DSC_0640  DSC_0643


And I have to share this shot of  Allison the pudding-faced cutie!


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  1. Ali is one clever girl. She may have a pudding face but her bow is spotless :) I wish all men were shopping friendly like Eli. If he could give my husband and son lessons, I'd be most grateful!


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