Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Survived!

The Williams family has survived the first big transition of the year! The kids slept in their beds all night:)

It took some of them (ahem, Cara) quite a long time to settle down, but by 9ish they were all asleep.

Of course some of them looked like this at 11pm when I went in to check on them...

But after a little readjusting, our three slept soundly all night.

Matt found them reading books in their beds this morning. This of course made me quite worried that if they thought it was okay to get out of their beds and read this morning...what will they think to do tomorrow morning?


  1. Congratulations! I thought back oh about thirty-three and a half years ago when my oldest was little. When she wanted out, it didn't matter if it was a crib or a bed, she got out. So your kids are very well behaved. Prayers continue for you all.

  2. Meg, It sounds like a great night! It gets even better with time!-Chris S


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