Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cute Things

I'm sure I'm like all mommies out there when I say that my kids do the cutest things!

Case in point...check out Brady having a tea party with his baby sister. Notice that he reached across the table and put a little pink cupcake on her plate. Very cute.

Miss Cara was all dressed and ready to go to church today. I found her sitting on Eli's blow up rocket chair in a not-so-lady-like position. Of course she looked totally cute as she snuggled her baby doll. Super cute.

Eli was chilling out in daddy's chair. Oh so cute.

And here are my babes all ready to go to church, waiting by the back door for daddy to come and get them.

Cuteness times four!

Of course this is just my own, totally unbiased opinion.


  1. Well, Meg, I gotta tell you.... on the cuteness meter, I really think you have some of the cutest ever! I suppose there's a certain "draw" to the triplets, you know, being that there's 3 of them, and that's just so cool, but that little Ally really holds her own, proving that the "youngest child" card works for some of us! (Yes, I AM a youngest kid-just ask my OLDER brother & sister!!)

  2. As far as I'm aware, I am in no way related to your family. So that means I should be completely unbiased? And I agree 110% that they are gorgeous.

    I LOVE Brady giving Ally a pink cupcake. I LOVE the fact that she is at home (not going out anywhere special?) and Ally has a bow in her hair! I LOVE Cara's I have that expression quite often. I LOVE Eli lounging in the chair just as you would expect a man to do. And all of them waiting to go to Church? Just gorgeous. You are doing an amazing job with four beautiful little people Megan and Matt. Keep it up.

  3. THEY ARE SO CUTE! Love the pictures! -Happy Monday:)-Chris

  4. Can't imagine the "getting ready" time it takes to get all four going! So cute!

  5. I agree, they are so cute!!
    Enjoy them while they are little, they
    grow up too fast!

    Happy Spring!
    Love, Deb R.

  6. I agree about getting them all dressed so cutely for church and to be on time is a miracle unto its self some days I'm sure. God Bless you this Easter season!


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