Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Here is one side of the table…


And here is what is always on the other side…


Look at that stinker face! This is what Allie is all about these days. She is 16 months old, but in her mind she is the long lost quadruplet in our family! I hate to even use that comparison, because it always rubs a triplet mommy the wrong way when someone says, “Oh! I had three kids in 4 years, it was just like having triplets!” Umm…no! So, no offense to quadruplet moms out there! Allie just “thinks” she is one of them!

Why shouldn’t she just follow the big kids all day, do what they do, play with what they play with, and try to be just like them!

Today I got to spend my day with just this little cutie and actually this is the first day I’ve done that since she was born! She had a cardiology appointment at 10:30 and then an immunization appointment at 2:00.

Our day had a rough start. Being wide awake with a full belly is not a good combination for sweet Allison. She threw up two times on the way to Rochester which meant we had to do the pull-over-on-the-shoulder-in-the-cold-rain-clean-up routine. After our two pit-stops, our day was smooth sailing!

Great news! The cardiologist can still detect Allie’s heart murmur slightly, but  he said that it is totally insignificant, isn’t affecting her at all, and doesn’t want to see her back for 3 years! Hooray!

We had a great lunch together at IHOP and Allie ate as much as I did. After lunch we did some shopping. Well I shopped, and Allie worked her charm on everyone that came within 5 feet of her. She smiled, she cooed, she said “Lul-oh” (her version of hello), and she played peek-a-boo.

Allie was supposed to get vaccinated a few days before Disney, but I decided to put it off until after our trip. So today she had to get her MMR and her Chickenpox vaccinations. Two nurses came in the room and did two shots at the same time, one in each arm. They prepped me by telling me to hold her arms down and that one of the shots really stings. So my baby, she just sat there. She never flinched, never cried…nothing. She just kind of looked at them like they were big meanies and that was it. She has never cried during a shot in her whole life.

I just have to say for the record that my two girls in the past week have not shed a single tear during their shots. They are so mature about it! Now my boys…big.huge.babies! Their turns are coming up in a few weeks and I’m predicting tears and constant reliving of the events for days.  Time will tell boys:)


  1. I honestly think God made girls tougher like that ... just look at what we have to go through with pregnancy & childbirth!!

    God knows what he's doing!


  2. Meg,
    I agree, my girls never cried for shots. My oldest daughter would sit and watch the doctor give her the shot and now she's the doctor giving shots. Maybe your girls will be doctors or nurses!

    Love, Deb R.

  3. Awesome Allie! Prayers continue for you all.


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