Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Year, New Rules!

If you truly want to measure how much your children have changed in a year, take them outside a few times in March! With another beautiful day of temps in the 50s and some sun, the 5 of us headed out to the muddy sidewalks and yard!

Last year going outside was a lot of fun, but with a crawling baby and a newly walking toddler, it seemed like someone was always on the ground. Today I put Allie in the stroller and had the big kids walk. We went up and down our street and practiced how to stay with mommy while we went along. Last year they always rode in the choo choo wagon, but now that the combined weight of the 4 of them is well over 100 pounds, I'm not sure that the wagon will be our preferred mode of transportation. They have tricycles, but I think they won't be able to pedal them very far this year. So I anticipate that our walks will be shorter and slower as the triplets learn to walk along with us.

So today I decided to practice Red Light, Green Light with the kids as we walked next me. Of course the idea is that as they walked, if I said, "red light" they would stop, and if I said, "green light" they would go. I explained the rules, and then we started walking. After a few steps I said, "Red light!" to which Eli replied, "Where?"

No worries though, after showing them how the game worked a few more times, they got the hang of it and did a really great job. I need to learn ways to manage the four of them while we were are outside since I just don't have enough hands for them to hold. It helps that they seem to be cautious by nature and also understand my "I really mean it" voice. I'm hoping that we can walk to the library in a few weeks!

I also couldn't believe how much differently they played with a few of their outside toys. I got out our fleet of Cozy Coupes and was shocked! They each got inside and started scooting all over the place. Last year they got in them and just sat there! Even more startling is the difference in their language. No longer do they say things like, "Look mommy, birdies!" Today I heard, "Hey geese, come this way guys! Where are you going?" Amazing...

Matt brought home Chinese take out and I think that was the perfect ending to a great day!

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