Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have been terrible about taking pictures lately. Since our DSLR broke before our Disney trip, I haven’t gotten back into the habit of using it regularly. It did get repaired, but it is stuck on some setting that isn’t right. Of course I have never used it in any other setting than “auto” so I have no clue how to fix it. It is nearly impossible to get good pictures of moving, squirming children with a point and shoot.

Nevertheless, here are a few pictures of recent happenings.

Brady called me into the playroom other day to show me the house he built out of blocks. I thought it was quite impressive and well thought out. Notice the steps out front and the small blocks around the outside. He told me that those were the bushes.


Admiring his work.


The triplets performed in their preschool’s Spring Program last weekend. They had to wear plaid shirts and at first I wasn’t sure what to put Cara in. Then it hit me…one of the benefits of being a triplet with 2 brothers, is that you have lots of boy clothes in your size should you ever need them. I grabbed a plaid shirt I had bought for one of the boys for spring, put a long sleeve shirt under it, stuck a bow in her hair and VOILA! Cara looked cute as can be.


Today my mom invited Cara and I to go with her and my nieces to see a local middle school production of Cinderella. It was a great show and hanging out with “our girls” was so much fun. I decided not to include Allie this time as she is not quite ready to sit in one spot for 2 hours!

First we stopped for an early lunch before the show.

My nieces Aubrey, Natalie, and my Cara.


I got to hold the biggest cuddle-bug in our family, Natalie throughout the whole show:)


My brother’s girls and our girls are so close in age. Aubrey will start Kindergarten next year, Cara will start the next year year, and Natalie and Allie will start the year after that!

DSCN3475 DSCN3474

Of course Cara had to bring her Disney crown and her Tinkerbell wand (renamed the Fairy Godmother wand after the show, naturally).





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