Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dear Brady

Dear Brady,

Tonight I decided to write to you my sweet little boy. It is my prayer that someday you will read these words and understand how much your daddy and I love you. Every day for the past few months I have opened my eyes in the morning only to realize that you are still sick, and my heart breaks with the start of each day. You don't deserve this sweet Brady. You are a perfect, precious little boy and I couldn't love you more than I do! I love your squeaky voice, your chubby fingers, your silly giggle, and your beautiful blue eyes. Nothing makes me happier than watching you and your brother and sisters play. They love you too Brady, you are such good friends! I wish that I could go back and time and somehow change what has happened. I still don't understand why YOU have to suffer with this disease. I do want you to know sweet Brady that your life has changed me. Your struggle has made me a better mommy and a better person. I KNOW that I have grown closer to God because of you. I wish it didn't have to be because of you being sick, but God is blessing so many people through your life. God has been working in your life throughout all of this. You are an amazing miracle. No mommy has ever been prouder of their little boy than I am of you. I thank God for the two years He has given me with you my sweet Brady, and I'm praying every minute that we will have many years to come to love and laugh together.

I love you with all my heart my brave boy,

I will be updating as often as possible tomorrow. We are going to arrive at the hospital at 7:30, surgery sometime in the later morning and lasting the rest of the day, possibly into evening. We are expecting updates from the OR every 2 hours or so. Your prayers are our source of strength right now. THANK YOU for standing by us!


  1. I have been thinking about you this weekend. As we face a serious operation with my son in a few weeks...I so know that this time is filled with such feelings.Your whole family is on my mind and heart.

  2. Megan,

    What a sweet letter to a sweet boy!!

    We have said many prayers for Brady today and will continue to do so! I will also be doing a special prayer request on our blog tomorrow for Brady.

    We just lift you guys up to the Lord in prayer! Knowing that He will guide the Dr's hands, that He will hold Brady while he is being operated on and that He will be sitting next to you guys while you are waiting for the operation to end! Know that you are not alone tomorrow!!

    Battle on little Brady, battle on!!

    God Bless!

  3. We have been praying for you all, and we will be praying again tomorrow, and not just for thirty minutes. Remember that you are in God's hands, and there's no better place to be. Love, Uncle Phil and Aunt Nancy

  4. MANY MANY prayers for you all. I'll be praying throughout the day for your peace and for Brady...and for the surgeons. Be strong.

  5. Matt and Megan-
    I have to admit when i saw your letter to Brady, I immediately had to leave the computer to regain my composure. Brennan had to read it first, i just can't stand what this must be putting you through. It must be that collin is so little that i feel your pain so much but yet really have no clue what you've been through. It sure has made me love on my kids more and to cherish even the rough days, for we never know what tomorrow brings for any of us. I will be fasting tomorrow and of course my whole family is praying. We will watch the clock and think of nothing else but Brady. He is a precious boy who has certainly changed my life forever. Know that we love you dearly and pray for your broken hearts, may God strengthen you beyond what you could imagine tomorrow and remember just a mustard seed of faith. We love you dearly.

  6. I am praying for your sweet boy! He is darling as are you others babies, too! I know what it's like to fight cancer as an adult, but a child? Oh so not fair!

  7. I'm praying for the surgeon to have wisdom and steadiness, for his team to have endurance, for Brady to continue to be such a strong little fighter, and for peace..calmness...and strength for you and Matt.

    I'm also praying for those at home watching over the other children, and for the kids' to not be anxious and have peace.

    I'm sending many many prayers and hugs. Know you're not alone in this journey.

  8. You have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout the weekend. I pray that God will keep Brady safe throughout his operation. Stay strong. Pam x

  9. As we head to medical appointments today with our son at our hospital, it will be a constant reminder to keep praying for Brady. He will be in our thoughts and prayers along with your entire family all today and always.

    (triplet mom also)

  10. brenda richardsonApril 6, 2009 at 7:53 AM

    Dear Lord
    Please be wth megan and matt as they wait for encouraging news on brady. Offer them strength and the knowledge that you are waiting with them as well. Give brady courage and strength as he is operated on and lord please be with the doctors and nurses as they provide the care that brady needs. Lord you are our strength and sheild. We praise you Lord in all that you do. Amen
    My hugs go out to you all this morning. you will be on my mind all day
    i love you
    Brenda R

  11. We will be praying for Brady and the whole family. ((hugs))

    Susan B

  12. What a nerve-wracking day today is going to be for you. I will be checking your blog often. I hope and am sure your little fighter is going to do fine. I dont even know you but I keep my husband updated on Brady's progress and we are hoping that he has many, many years left to bring joy to his family! I think of him and your family often!

  13. I hope you don't mind but I write a blog every morning called Quick Word and I dedicated this morning's to Brady. Check it out:

    I've been praying this morning from 6-6:30 and will continue to do so all day!


  14. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers all day today. I pray that you have the emotional strength to get through this day as you had hoped. I pray for the doctors and of course for precious Brady.

    I am sure that today will be a day chalked full of emotions. We will all understand if you are not able to write an entry in the blog.


  15. Dear Lord,
    Please be with Matt and Megan today-give them the comfort and peace they are looking for today as their son undergoes surgery. Let them know that you are not far from them as they seek your comfort, but let them also know that you are in the operating room with their little boy and one hand is on Brady, giving him the courage to fight, and your other hand is gently guiding the doctors hands as the procedure is done. All honor and glory to you lord as you listen to the many prayers around the globe being lifted up to you this morning for Brady and his family. Amen
    Megan: This is Karen (Nancy and Brenda's Sister from Virginia) please know you are loved and on my mind today....

  16. My prayers are with Brady today and always.

  17. Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family today.

  18. Hey Meg,

    My heart just burst reading your letter. I am praying throughout the day. I love you.


  19. Tears fill my eyes as I write. Your tender words to Brady really touch my heart. As always, we are praying here for you. And especially hard today.


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